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What is PIM?

PIM means Product Information Management; a PIM software solution simplifies the central maintenance, management, and media-neutral storage of your product data. Once imported into the system and enriched with appropriate content, you can distribute your product info into the most diverse marketing and sales channels.

Here you can find everything you need to know about the costs, functions, and providers of PIM systems. We’re always happy to show you the highlights of our PIM software – for free and no commitments on your end, over a virtual cup of coffee.

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How does a PIM system function?

The functionality of a competitive PIM system.

Centralising Data

Initially, product data may be gathered from various data sources, such as Excel lists or ERP and CRM systems for example. For retailers, it is, more often than not, the supplier or manufacturer who provide not only the product but also the related data. For manufacturers themselves, it is the different departments involved in product development. A PIM system can maintain a minimum quality standard for your data during this manual or automated collection procedure.

  • Single source of truth
  • More efficiency in data refinement
  • Collaborative work

Enhancing Data – Or Enriching it the eggheads Way

Once added to the system, products can be organized in a media-neutral data model and enriched with further information such as descriptive texts and media (e.g. product images and videos). In this stage, the quality of the data is decisive. Here, only a data validation process can secure the minimum quality requirements for product descriptions. This way, no misinformation is distributed on to your customers.

  • Media-neutral product management
  • Higher product data quality
  • Consistent product data

Distributing Data – To All Touch Points and Onwards

Begin with the distribution of data to various touch points as soon as your product data is enriched. For digital channels such as web shops, exports or interfaces are usually put to use. For print catalogs, you may use automated print functions. When it comes to B2B business, data can be classified to fit industry standards such as ETIM or ECLASS and, consequently, exported in standardized formats such as BMEcat.

  • Target-group-oriented tone of voice
  • Product content individualizable for each touchpoint
  • Simple interface and connectivity to online shops

PIM Functions in a Nutshell

Managing and organizing product data boils down to three essential steps:

  • Data collection from the most different sources, be it supplier or in-house ERP and PLM systems.
  • Data enrichment with content, images, videos and product attributes such as weight, price, or delivery period
  • Data distribution to a diverse range of market channels, from online shop, catalog, app or social commerce.
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Central Data Storage

Single-source product information without redundant data storage.

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Media-Neutral Data Management

Store and organize information independent of its target channel (e.g. catalog or online shop).

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Simple Data Maintenance

Maintaining data efficiently is no problem given global search functions and bulk-editing,

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Automated Marketing Processes

Define processes with workflows and trigger relevant actions automatically.

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Consistent Data in All Output Channels

Your customers are provided with consistent product information across all sales channels, adjusting automatically to given space requirements.

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Approved Data Quality

Well-defined Quality Gates filter out any product information on the way to the customer which does not meet your standards.

What does a PIM Cost?

The license costs of a PIM software vary from free open-source software to enterprise PIM. In particular, it depends on the requirements, how large the quantity of data to be managed is in relation to the number of relevant languages, and which functions the PIM system must feature. Additionally, the licensing model plays a role in the pricing: SaaS or On-Premise, that is the question.

Do you have a PIM project? Let’s have a talk about your objectives, your planned return on investment, and your information flow in order to analyze your concrete needs. After all, for PIM systems, there are as many possibilities as there is product information to be managed.

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For Everybody Requiring Clean Data

Who needs a PIM system?

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For marketing specialists who want to address target groups individually. For each target group, you can maintain individualized information on products, variants, and articles.

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Product Management

For product managers who want to have a good grip on all product data with little to no effort. Managing your product data already starts in the very development process with the idea of a new product.

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For shop experts who shoot for the ever-increasing optimization of their conversion rate. With higher data quality and special content comes your customers’ unique user experience.

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For sales professionals who want to offer the right content in each and every sales channel. Be it catalog or shop, the data basis is the same – yet, the quantity of content automatically adjusts to the space available.

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For IT cracks who want to operate with well-defined and automatic data flows. One central system for product data – contrary to an unordered multitude of data sources from different corporate departments – is what simplifies the circulation of your information.

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For CEOs who have an overview of both expenses and increasing profits. Optimize processes, free resources, and enhance data quality – while also welcoming your return-on-investment. All this is made possible by PIM.

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