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Product Data & Bites –
The Event Series for B2B Excellency

Innovation. Networking. Growth. This is the core of our event series. Here, renowned representatives from various industries meet – be it manufacturing, industry, or retail – in order to discuss, experience, and rethink innovations from fresh perspectives. Learn firsthand how you can expand your competitive strength. Participate in exciting sessions full of inspiring best practices and take full advantage of networking opportunities.

  • Exclusive product previews
  • Sessions for AI innovations, exciting tools, and equally exciting data
  • Use cases and customer success stories
  • Networking opportunities


Did you know just how much untapped potential can hide in a digital sales process? Together with In Mind Cloud, we grant exclusive insights into the profitable possibilities enabled by digital transformation and demonstrate to you which AI tools can support you in drawing out said potential. Participation is for free, though the number of seats available is limited. Secure your spot now!

When: 13. September 2023, starting 17:00
Where: Westfälischer Industrieklub, Markt 6-8, 44137 Dortmund

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Let’s get started
Doors open for admission

17:15 to 17:30

Expanding Horizons: With PIM and CPQ toward Corporate Growth
Discover the unbeatable combination of PIM and CPQ which will elevate your sales process to the next level. In this session, you learn from Markus Pichler, Managing Director of eggheads, how an efficient and well-automated solution can boost your sales in a sustainable manner.

  • Maximized productivity: Increasing efficiency throughout the entire sales process with automated processes
  • Tailor-made offers: How you can generate more profit with precise and automated offers
  • Inspiring customers: Turn customers into fans with CX optimization

17:30 to 18:00

KI Innovations in Product Information Management: Boost Efficiency and Sales
Is your Product Data Management fit for the challenges of tomorrow? In this session, eggheads Director of Product Management Eric Dreyer gives you an overview why Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize Product Data Management.

  • Cloud-First: Why companies should invest in a cloud-native SaaS solution
  • Feedback data: The key to revolutionizing CX
  • Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT, DeepL, Clipdrop and co. – tools for efficient processes

18:00 to 18:30

Time for a refreshing drink and snacks

18:30 to 19:00

From Pain to Gain: The 6 Pain Points of Manufacturers and the Solution Provided by Digital Sales Platforms
Pretty much every company in the manufacturing industry knows these challenges. From the offer generation for complex products to the costly after-sales processes. Achim Beckmann, Managing Director of In Mind Cloud, knows the solution and tells you all you need to know in this exciting session.

  • Professional brand presentation: Generate high-quality and consistent offer documents
  • Effective teamwork: Successful collaboration between interested parties, sales, and design
  • Profitable workflows: Shorten the offer durations, expand the average offer volume, and increase, based on this, your incoming orders

19:00 to 19:30 

CPQ meets PIM – The Success Story of Satisloh
What does putting CPQ to good use look like in practice? This is what you will learn in this session! Learn firsthand from Achim Beckmann, how Satisloh has successfully implemented CPQ, why the introduction of a PIM system is attractive now, and what benefits the company can draw from the combination of PIM and CPQ.

  • Real use case: An experience report by Satisloh about the CPQ implementation
  • Challenges: Why is trusting only in a single technological solution insufficient?
  • Future prospects: How will things develop in the future?

19:30 onward

Time for exchange, with refreshing drinks and snacks

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Markus Pichler

Managing Director, eggheads

Markus Pichler – The dynamic and experienced Managing Director of eggheads. With an impressive career at renowned companies such as ABBYY Germany, Markus brings extensive know-how, industry knowledge and leadership skills. His extensive network and deep understanding of the B2B software market make him an expert in global partnerships and alliances in the software industry.

Eric Dreyer

Head of Product Management and Quality, eggheads

As the Head of Product Management and Quality, Eric Dreyer has a burning passion for developing concepts of digital solutions which allow you to present products of any industry in the perfect light. Throughout, he maintains a firm grip on the big picture: The intersection node of customer requirements, innovative strategies, as well as the current competition and market situation.

Achim Beckmann

Managing Director, In Mind Cloud

Achim Beckmann, Managing Director of In Mind Cloud, is an outstanding expert for sales platforms and CPQ. His formidable knowhow extends beyond several fields, e.g. the skilled connection of customer experience with state-of-the-art technologies which, in turn, allows for the optimization of processes and a unique customer journey. In short: Achim Beckman is a visionary and pioneer of digital transformation.


Product Data & Bites in a Nutshell

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International experts, top managers, and decision makers for technologies from the industries and business world.

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International event.
Keynotes and expert talks.
AI and innovative tools.
And all that for free.


Make valuable contacts and get to know renowned industry experts, CEOs, and trendsetters from all sorts of fields.

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