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02.03.2023 | Starting at 10:00 | GoToWebinar

Note: This event will be held in German.

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productiva Digital 2023
What Awaits Me?

You want to be prepared for tomorrow’s product data world, provide presentable Product Experience, and share knowledge with others? Welcome to productiva Digital by eggheads – your go-to platform for information exchange, knowledge transfer, and expert talks. It won’t be long until the next productiva – we will provide you with more information about the contents and our speakers here soon. Register nof for productiva and you will receive all the latest information directly in your mailbox.

productiva Digital 2022
What Awaits Me?

You want to be prepared for tomorrow’s product data world, provide presentable Product Experience, and share knowledge with others? Welcome to productiva Digital by eggheads – your go-to platform for information exchange, knowledge transfer, and expert talks.


Your program for the productiva Digital on 01 December 2022


10:00 – 10:30 AM

Setup at the Base Camp – The Foundations of Product Classification

When going mountain climbing, being well prepared is the name of the game. And the same goes for the successful implementation of product classifications. Once you have cleared all questions, requirements, and conditions, you can look forward to a bright future in terms of Product Communication. The well-established foundation you need in order to achieve this will be presented to you by eggheads’ Professional Service Director, Kai Warmus. In this session, you will be provided with an exciting overview of the field of product classification and receive expert answers to questions such as: What are classifications? What kind of classifications are actually used out there? When and to whom are they useful?

10:30 – 10:45 AM

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10:45 – 11:15 AM

Checklist for the Successful Summit Attempt – Defining the Right Requirements to Make Good Use of Classifications

Get ready for the summit attempt – in this session, we will provide you with a checklist for just the right equipment. Together with eggheads product expert Jannis Lambeck, you will embark on a more in-depth journey through the topic and receive a handful of practice-centered tips and best practices along the way for successfully implementing your classifications. Here, you will learn which requirements are to be met, which objectives your company can fulfil with them, and how to share the responsibility.

11:15 – 11:30 AM

Coffee break!

Time for Coffee and Tea

11:30 – 12:00 AM

You Don’t Climb a Mountain Alone – This is How eggheads Supports You in Implementing Classifications

With the right partner to back you up, reaching the peak will be a cakewalk. In this session, eggheads experts Raimund Backes and Elena Hagner demonstrate to you what technical challenges your company is to tackle head on when it comes to implementing classifications – and how eggheads can support you in doing so. What’s the best way of structuring your mountain top tour into project phases? And how do you master them accordingly? If you want to find out, you better not miss out on this session. With that being said, jump straight into your hiker boots and let’s get ready for the climb!

We are looking forward to exciting speakers

1 Moderator, 3 Sessions, 4 Experts

Tiffany Wiener

Event & Content Managerin

Tiffany has one mission: Turning events into unforgettable moments – be it physical or digital. With passion, she organizes events and spaces which cultivate innovative ideas, makes knowledge exchange come alive, and designs tailor-made content for our customers and brands.

Kai Warmus

Director Professional Service, eggheads

For Kai Warmus, the world revolves around customer projects and the digitalization of corporate product information. Together with his team, he supports companies in their projects when it comes to securing the pole position for their products on the international markets in a sustainable manner. This exceptional service is a unique selling point for customers.

Jannis Lambeck

Project Management Working Student

Acting like a cohesive unit and finding suitable solutions together – this is Jannis Lambeck’s motto. The eggheads product expert is a real allrounder when it comes to implementation projects. As a member of our Customer Management team, he contributes to both in-house and customer projects alike. Jannis Lambeck knows very well: PIM is a lot of things, yet it’s certainly no out-of-the-box concept.

Elena Hagner

Project Manager & Leader eggheads academy

From installation to go-live – PIM implementation projects are Elena Hagner’s area of specialization. Throughout the process, she guides customers with her expertise and plenty of know-how through all challenges, always on hand with help and advice. As the head of eggheads Academy, she gives you an understanding of the use and best practices of our software, hereby transforming eggheads customers into real PIM heroes on a regular basis.

Raimund Backes

Implementation & Project Manager, eggheads

As an implementation and project manager, Raimund Backes puts your data into the focus of attention. With his battle-tested experience as both an implementer of PIM systems and a software trainer of eggheads Academy, he knows exactly what makes for successful data processing and what meaningful data structures look like.

Get Inspired and Create Experiences

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Be it product or content manager, marketeer or CEO: Here, you’ll find the info and inspiration you’re looking for. productiva stands for information exchange and knowledge transfer. Which is also why we’re always happy to receive new input and speaker applications. Piqued your interest?

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Picture of a woman looking at a laptop with red productiva logo: red stage with white writing in the center,

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  • Meet the Specialists: Our business network is to your service. Forge new business contacts, get to know experts from all sorts of industries, and learn from their Best Practice use cases.
  • The Future is Now: Get your Product Communication in shape for the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s digital world. Here, you’ll learn what you need to secure your competitive edge.
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