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productiva Digital 2023
What Awaits Me?

You want to be prepared for tomorrow’s product data world, provide presentable Product Experience, and share knowledge with others? Welcome to productiva Digital by eggheads – your go-to platform for information exchange, knowledge transfer, and expert talks. It won’t be long until the next productiva – we will provide you with more information about the contents and our speakers here soon. Register nof for productiva and you will receive all the latest information directly in your mailbox.

productiva Digital 2023
What Awaits Me?

You want to be prepared for tomorrow’s product data world, provide presentable Product Experience, and share knowledge with others? Welcome to productiva Digital by eggheads – your go-to platform for information exchange, knowledge transfer, and expert talks.


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10:00 – 10:30 AM

Starting Shot for the PIM Launch – What does it Mean for Your Company?

Those who commit to the decision of introducing a PIM system have made the first gigantic step towards ideal product data processes. Simply pick a suitable software tool and you’re good to go – but sadly, it’s not quite that easy. With the PIM implementation, you make changes to foundational processes, which poses a great challenge for many companies. Then again, there’s no need to worry. eggheads project manager and product data expert Matthias Gärtner knows exactly what requirements are to be met in order to make the PIM project run smoothly. In his session, he will demonstrate to you what stumbling blocks you will have to look out for and how to easily avoid them.

10:30 – 10:45 AM

Coffee break!

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10:45 – 11:15 AM

Resource Planning in PIM Projects – It All Comes Down to the Right Role Distribution!

Who does what and why? The question of resource planning is the be all and end all of a successful and swift PIM project. How much time can your company invest into the project? What roles are there in a PIM project? And how do you allocate the required resources? Katrin Fachinger, project manager for eggheads, knows the answers to these questions. In this session, the expert will let you in on how to plan the right resources and what roles are important for mastering your PIM project in an efficient, swift, and successful manner using concrete use-case scenarios.

11:15 – 11:30 AM

Coffee break!

Time for Coffee and Tea

11:30 – 12:00 AM

Full-Service or Do-It-Yourself PIM Implementation: Which Model is the Right One for You?

The introduction of a PIM solution means that your company will have to plan new processes, on top of developing new concepts and implementing them accordingly. It’s a challenge for which there are a number of service solutions out there. However, which of them is the right one for your project? Does your company really need a full-service implementation or, maybe, your team can even stem the weight on their own? Jannis Lambeck will provide you with answers. In this context, he will give you an overview of all methods for implementing a PIM and spells out all their pros and cons. Equipped with this knowledge, you’re guaranteed to make the right decision.

10:00 – 10:30 Uhr

From Product Return Problem to Sales Magnet with PIM

Germany is European Champion – unfortunately not in soccer but in terms of product return rates in online retail. This is a problem for the environment and also the sales of many online retailers. The good news is: there is a simple solution to this problem – better product data quality. With PIM software, you can optimize the quality of your product data in a simple and automated manner, while also drastically reducing your return rates. David Klein, Senior Consultant at eggheads, will let you in on how this works in his session.

  • Causes for high product return rates
  • Product data quality as a crucial sales argument
  • Measures for lowering the return rate

10:30 – 10:45 Uhr

Time for tea & coffee

10:45 – 11:15 Uhr

The Power of Data: With High Product Data Quality towards Higher Sales

Is your data ready for the Digital Product Pass? Spoiler alert: mastering this challenge successfully and outpacing your competition – it all comes down to the quality of your product data. Why high product data quality is indispensable and to what extent your corporate success depends on your product data, this is what you will learn from Kai Warmus, Professional Sales Director for eggheads.

  • What makes for good product data quality?
  • For which of the current and future challenges is good product data indispensable?
  • How can you improve your product data quality?

11:15 – 11:30 Uhr

Time for tea & coffee

11:30 – 12:00 Uhr

Mastering PIM: Guidelines to the Successful Product Data Strategy

You want to have full control over your Product Data Management? Then you should not miss out on Walter Oberli’s session! The Digital Commerce and PIM expert from Digital Enthusiast GmbH shares proven strategies and battle-tested methods for the successful evaluation of a PIM system in this session – from the development of a product data strategy to the selection of the right technology and implementation partner.

  • Developing a product data strategy
  • Needs and requirements analysis
  • Success factors for the implementation of a PIM evaluation

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1 Moderator, 3 Sessions, 3 Experts

Tiffany Wiener

Event & Content Managerin

Tiffany has one mission: Turning events into unforgettable moments – be it physical or digital. With passion, she organizes events and spaces which cultivate innovative ideas, makes knowledge exchange come alive, and designs tailor-made content for our customers and brands.

David Klein

Senior Consultant

David Klein is one of eggheads’ consultants. With years’ worth of experience, he supports the company in challenges revolving around your product data processes in order to create the perfect Customer Journey. Businesses from all industries put their trust in his battle-tested experience and expertise when it comes to the consulting and implementation of PIM projects.

Kai Warmus

Director Professional Service, eggheads

For Kai Warmus, the world revolves around customer projects and the digitalization of corporate product information. Together with his team, he supports companies in their projects when it comes to securing the pole position for their products on the international markets in a sustainable manner. This exceptional service is a unique selling point for customers.

Walter Oberli

CEO, Digital Enthusiast GmbH

Walter Oberli from Digital Enthusiast GmbH is a business consultant and supports his customers when it comes to anything revolving around the topics of Digital Commerce, PIM, and product data.

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Picture of a woman looking at a laptop with red productiva logo: red stage with white writing in the center,

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