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eggheads Suite – Central Source for All Your Product Data

Optimizing your product management at the click of a button for grandiose customer experience – this is possible with eggheads Suite. Accelerate and facilitate your product data processes. Your product content will be easier to translate, edit, and enrich once all your data is pooled in a single source. On top of that, you’ll profit from the fact that all these processes smoothly transition into one another.

  • Bulk Manage Product Data in Large Quantities
  • Cut Your Time-to-market
  • Personalize your Product Experience

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Product Content which is Complete and Made-to-measure for Each Target Channel

Putting an end to manual processes and the Excel hell which would otherwise cause delays during the product implementation phase, errors, inconsistent product information, and missed-out sales.


Product Information Centrally


Business Processes


Product Experience

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Centralize: Work Even More Efficiently with Single-Source Product Data

Data chaos no more! Imagine a world where you find all the product content and all the product information you’re looking for at the click of a button. Instead of a tedious search and collection process. In eggheads PIM, all product data is stored centrally so that you and your entire team can easily edit, enrich, and distribute it collaboratively. This is your key to a productive, efficient, and relaxed workday.

  • Generic Data Modelling
  • Import Configurator
  • Rights-and-roles Management
  • Workflows
  • Multi-domain data management
Centralize – Product Information
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Enrich: Devoting Your Attention to Your Data Pays Dividends

Your product data is your capital. To guarantee for an optimal customer experience and distinguish yourself from the competition, the name of the game is to present your product in the best possible light – providing the all-inclusive package to your customer: videos, images, and texts. In eggheads Suite, the management, administration, and enrichment of your product information takes place within a media-neutral structure. For you, this means: well-structured work, consistent data, a higher customer conversion rate, and inspired customers – and that’s what we’re all in for.

  • Media Management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Translation Management
  • Data maintenance
  • Search Functions
  • Product Experience Management
Enrich – Product Information
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Distribute: Product Content which Meets its Target

We’ll make sure that your product content will get to where you want it to be: your customers. Our software takes care of distributing the right content into the matching channels. As a result, you’ll be able to reach out to your customers across all touchpoints, on all platforms and marketplaces. This, in turn, allows you to devote your undivided attention to the unfolding of your product communication.

  • Data Classifications
  • Export Configurator
  • Print Publication
  • Product Portal
  • Media Portal
Distribute – Produkt Information
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Digital Product Data Management Explained in Simple Terms

With PIM software, you can prepare your company for digital transformation and lay the foundation for fully exhausting all possibilities opened by digital product data management. Are you ready to take the dive? In our free whitepaper, we tell you how this can be realized.

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Work More Productively with eggheads Suite

Boosting the Potential of Your Product Data on the Basis of Well-thought-out Functions

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Simple imports and exports of your product data, digital assets, files, and more

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Automation of processes for data modelling, classification, enrichment, and localization

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Adaptive multi-channel data modelling for channel-specific outputs

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User-defined data modelling to fit your requirements

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Contradiction-free data in all channels with media-neutral data management

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Rights-and-roles management for access, display, and editing control

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Integrated workflows for automated business processes and collaboration in teams

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Digital Asset Management for all brand and media resources in an one-in-all system

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Simple data management, bulk editing, and search functions

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Data quality analysis for evaluating the adequacy and completeness of your data

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PIM, DAM, and print publishing functions built directly into the system

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No dependence on IT or programming

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Your Know-How: Digitalization of Your Product Information Management

The process of digitalizing your product data sounds complicated, resource-heavy, and time-consuming? Not with us. In our 30-minute online session, we demonstrate to you live and in person how you can utilize a Product Information Management system as the basis for the digitalization of your company and how real teamwork works while working from home.


1. Challenges of modern product management
2. This is what eggheads Suite does: software demonstration with a preview of individual functions and concrete use-case scenarios based on real-life examples
3. Time for your questions


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Customer Stories

Success Stories from Our Customers

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As Individual as Your Challenges

eggheads Suite is developed in a modular and flexible manner, allowing you to adjust it to your needs – this includes the licensing and running costs. Staying true to the motto: Product Information Management as you want it. Be it our Cloud Edition as a SaaS model or On-Premise Edition, eggheads Suite is your go-to PIM solution for every company size and budget.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive software training in the form of our eggheads Academy, tailor-made for your requirements and full of battle-tested product knowledge about eggheads Suite.

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The Perfect Symbiosis of Data and Systems

The Right Interface for Your Product Data: This is Where All Your Business Information is Pooled Together

In a company, data moves back and forth between a great many systems. To allow for smooth data transactions, your digital PIM provides you with connections and on-boarding tools for all relevant system. Thanks to this clean integration, our system directly draws the relevant information from the source systems. This, in turn, allows you to edit and distribute data centrally.


To PIM Interfaces
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Make Use of Web Client

Your Job is Where You Are

Regardless of whether you and your team is working from the office or from home. With eggheads Suite, you can work from anywhere you want. For their daily product information business, product managers and data editors use our web-based client. All you need is your internet connection. Work mobile, wherever and whenever you want.

  • Uncomplicated
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
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