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Is there a project stuck in your head? Tell us all about it so that we can bring your products to life together! We cover all important topics required for you to build up and expand upon your product communication. Go and secure yourself a piece of eggheads for your company and, by doing so, the wingman for securing your competitive edge!

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eggheads Branches

Here, You Find All of eggheads’ Branch Offices

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Welcome to Germany

eggheads GmbH
Office 51°7
Alte Wittener Straße 50
44803 Bochum
Tel: +49 (0) 234 893 97 0

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Welcome to Switzerland

eggheads swiss GmbH
SPACES Ambassador
Thurgauerstrasse 101a
8152 Opfikon (ZH)
Tel: +41 (0) 44 567 96 05

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