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eggheads PIM: Product Communication Can Be This Smart

With eggheads Suite, you create the central datahub for all your product information and get your products faster to where they belong: to the marketplaces and into your customers’ hearts.

  • Work efficiently with all product data pooled at a central spot
  • Design unique product experiences which inspire customers
  • Target-group-oriented product content at the click of a few buttons into all channels

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Accelerate all product data processes with eggheads for maximum efficiency

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eggheads Suite, Your Central Data Hub

Kiss data aggregates goodbye and say hello to clear-cut processes and efficient product data management. With eggheads Suite, you accelerate and simplify all your product data processes, hereby guarantying for an optimal Customer Experience at the click of a few buttons. This allows you to shift your focus to what truly matters: unfolding your Product Communication – together with your whole team, at a central spot.

  • A PIM according to your needs, thanks to generic data structures
  • Minimal effort for maximum effect
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Distribute target-group-oriented content to all channels
eggheads Software
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Unlimited Possibilities with Our PIM Interfaces

Connect your PIM to all required applications. With our freely-configurable interfaces, nothing could be easier than that. Cut all programming costs on your end and provide all users across all corporate departments with quick and easy access to all information. This is how you turn PIM into your PIM.

  • Super teamwork based on systematic tools as well as reliable and consistent access to all information
  • No programming effort thanks to Import and Export Configurator
  • The perfect symbiosis of data and systems
PIM Interfaces
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Easy-to-automate Print Publications

Be it flyer, catalog, or brochures – print ads harbor an enormous potential. Yet, at the same time, the manual publication process swallows up a lot of personnel, time, and financial resources. Quite the opposite is the case for eggheads Suite. With our software, you can easily generate print-ready media outlets at the click of a few buttons – in a uniform and automated manner.

  • You have the choice: semi-automatic or fully-automatic
  • Internationalized data distribution: directly convert text content for international publications in all maintained languages
  • Designers work in a familiar user interface with data updatable on demand: your system is directly connected to third-party apps like InDesign
Simplified Catalog Creation
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Always Here For You – Our Service

Getting the best out of things for our customers – this is our passion and our promise. To this end, we give it our everything. With our exclusive events and software training format, we provide you the knowledge which allows you to operate eggheads Suite effectively as your central datahub. And if there happens to be a minor hiccup, our Service Team will be on hand with help and advice for you.

  • eggheads Academy
  • Release sessions for new software features
  • Help Center and personal customer service
  • Exclusive events, such as our eggheads Day
Our Service Offers
PIM Software

Enhance product performance with eggheads


Enrich your sources of knowledge and network with fellow experts

“The perfect interplay of people, strategies, processes, data, and systems is decisive for maintaining your competitive edge. We help you with our expertise in these fields of action and the right software to go with it.”

Wolfgang Wichert, CEO of eggheads

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Customers’ Voices

Hidden champions, global players, and SME market leaders – customers trust eggheads’ expertise and software

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We were searching for a solution with added flexibility which would also live up to the future requirements concerning the further digitization of our business. eggheads displayed this potential in impressive fashion. Parts of our processes which used to consume months with our old solution were done within hours utilizing eggheads Suite.

Christoph Wollersen,
Head of Product Management of Hesse Lignal

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Our decision fell to eggheads because they have delivered the best results in the pre-sales phase and the price-performance ratio was on point. On top of that, the competent project manager Kai Warmus brought us great fortune.

Dr.-Ing. Dennis Kampen,
Executive Director Research and Innovation of BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik

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What has convinced us about eggheads Suite is, in particular, the flexibility of both its system and data model, the great many possibilities in template design, as well as its extensive import and export functions. The implementation project went smoothly and we even had a lot of fun thanks to the excellent eggheads team. The introduction of the tool has yielded great outcomes within a short period of time. In short: super software, top service, and results that speak for themselves!

Aglaia Eck,
Head of Data Processing / Organisation

Logo Delta-V | eggheads.net
Besides the fully-functionable standard software, eggheads Suite, what has convinced us in particular is the professional communication with the eggheads employees concerning all our questions and their solution as a proof-of-concept. This established a basis for trust, which we subsequently continued to live throughout the project implementation.

Guido Hensel,

grünbeck Logo | eggheads.net
With eggheads Suite, we can finally manage our sales information centrally. The Portal module, too, enjoys great reception among coworkers – the sales team, in particular, is now happy with its low-threshold access to all product data. All in all, it’s an intuitive PIM which opens up numerous possibilities.

Nicolas Pelzel,
System Manager Product Information System of Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung

Logo Wilo SE | eggheads.net
The greatest benefit of eggheads Suite is that we can refine all product data in a channel-overarching and classification-neutral manner, while also being extraordinarily flexible in responding to any export-related requirements.

Eva Kerstholt,
Group Director Product Information Management of Wilo

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