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eggheads Academy

eggheads Academy brings you in top form and provides you with software training for the effective use of our eggheads Suite – for optimized user experience. Trained instructors will turn your team into product heroes in virtually no time, allowing you to shift your focus to the things which truly matter.

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For Whom Is Our Training Made For?

Our Trainings Allow eggheads Users To Acquire Or Refresh PIM Skills

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Don’t You Hate It?

A new employee joins your department and a meaningful introduction into the most important software drops out of sight amidst day-to-day business. In our new software training format – eggheads Academy – we wish to provide you and your fellow co-workers with the opportunity to expand your knowledge eggheads Suite. So that you can focus on what truly matters: your product data.

Our experts developed praxis-centered and user-friendly training courses which are not only geared towards new employees, but also all users who work with eggheads Suite on a daily basis. The academy is an integral part of our implementation process.

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Become A Happy PIM Hero

What is eggheads Academy? eggheads Academy offers a range of training courses for the effective use of our software. With an exciting mix of theory and practice exercises in our schooling systems, you can build and expand your skills.

For whom is our training intended? The training courses are geared towards anybody who wants to acquire new skills, or refresh and expand existing skills. You can choose between our various training formats.

How to participate in eggheads Academy to become a PIM hero? Simply select the relevant training from the overview and message us using our contact form.

Boost Collaboration and Enhance Productivity

Training Courses of eggheads Academy


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Happy Participants Who Are Now PIM Heroes

Expand Your Knowledge!

Visit Our Digital Basic Training To Use eggheads Suite Effectively

Duration: 2 Days

Master Data & Media Management

As part of our Basic Master Data & Media Management Training, our participants learn about the foundational functions of eggheads Suite. Basic users know how to manage product and media information efficiently and how to export it. Master the various software modules of eggheads Suite step by step. Costs: €1,360 per participant

Duration: 1 Day

Import Configuration

In this training, users learn how to configure both standard and customized imports, and what requirements are to be met. Costs: €680 per participant

Duration: 1 Day

Export Configuration

After completing this training, users can create customized exports and have a comprehensive oversight of export configurations and their requirements. Costs: €680 per participant

Duration: 1 Day

Template Design

Training participants learn about the key factors involved in designing templates with eggheads Suite. With this training as their foundation, they can create catalogs, flyers, outlets, and datasheets. Costs: €680 per participant

Duration: 1/2 Day


How the translation process can be implemented with eggheads Suite, what options you have, and how to implement a smooth translation and terminology management – training participants know how to solve all these questions. Costs: €340 per participant

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