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Centralize: Perfect Product Data in a “Single Source of Truth”

Consistent product information is a must-have when convincing customers to commit to a purchasing decision. With eggheads PIM, inconsistent product information is a thing of the past. Pool all product data together in a central system and break open isolated aggregates of data.

  • Save both time and resources with central data management
  • Faster time-to-market with automated workflows
  • Full flexibility thanks to the generic data model

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Full Flexibility Thanks to the Generic Data Model

Be it air compressors or package tours – the first thing which may come to mind is that these two products belong to two entirely different industries. Yet, they still have one important thing in common: the data structure of both of these products can be mapped onto the fully-configurable data model of eggheads Suite. Thanks to the generic data model, eggheads PIM can easily adapt to your product – rather than the other way around. No matter just how complex your data model is. Be it a flat structure or a component-based hierarchy, everything can be cleanly and distinctly mapped onto the data model. After all, in the PIM made by eggheads, every object is fully user-configurable in a hierarchical data tree which allows for quick management of individual data records, whole hierarchy levels, and even entire product assortments. This way, a tailor-made data model is created which provides a 100-percent synchronization rate to your data structure, workflows, and preferred publishing channels.

  • Media-neutral product data maintenance in accordance with your corporate data classification standards
  • Less effort in product data management and higher data quality thanks to the component data model
  • Effective Product Communication and increased sales with target-group-oriented content
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Effortless Data Onboarding with Import Configurator

Nowadays, flexibility is all the rage. In a fast-paced world, we must be ready to always adapt quickly to unforeseen events in order to stay streets ahead of the competition. Why should your PIM be an exception? The PIM of eggheads shines with full flexibility when it comes to data onboarding. With the help of the import configurator, imports of all complexities can be set up and provided to users in the form of both, files and interfaces (REST) – no programming knowledge required. This, in turn, allows for the direct connection to other IT systems, such as ERP, CRM, or TMS, as well as the effortless onboarding of external data sources.

  • Simple configuration of file-based and interface-based imports directly in the graphical user interface
  • Extensive analysis tools for imported data thanks to elaborate import protocols
  • Onboarding self-service portal for data suppliers
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With the Rights-and-Roles Management, You’ve got a Firm Grip on All Processes

Working on product data means teamwork! Be it Product Management, Marketing, or the E-Commerce team – all divisions work on successfully providing presentable data to the markets and keeping information up to date. With the rights-and-roles management in the PIM of eggheads, you can always rely on the user-definable management of permissions for users and selected user groups. You determine who can see what data and use which functions in the system. As a result, your employees also gain a big advantage: the search for product data is much easier since you only find content which is relevant for the assigned roles. Collaboration can be this efficient.

  • Fine-grained permissions on the basis of products, product hierarchies, product attributes, languages, and/or workflow states
  • Less effort in managing rights since you can assign users to user groups with relevant permissions
  • Freely definable workspaces for viewable data, functions, and use cases which allows for concentrated and targeted work
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Faster Time-to-Market with Automated Workflows

Be it for data administration, content editing, or multi-lingual translations: every user-generated object within your data model is controlled by workflow states. Additionally, you have the option to assign user-defined actions to individual states which will be triggered automatically when switching into or away from the state. And as a further turbo boost, you can even automate the creation and assignment of tasks and to-do lists. All such time savers add up, ultimately, to accelerate your time-to-market.

  • Graphical visualization of the user-configurable workflow which maps the life cycle of your products
  • Combination of data quality management and workflow management with freely-definable quality gates
  • Freely-configurable actions triggered automatically by workflow state changes
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It’s More Than Merely Mapping Product Structures

The generic data model approach allows for a multi-domain setup. By connecting the relevant data sources, you can get a live 360-degree view on your data. This is how you can unify all data – be it on products, customers, employees, or suppliers – into a holistic overview. All loose ends are tied back together and bundled into a coherent flow of information. Your decisive benefit: this 360-degree view provides you with the data foundation you need for making business decisions in a well-informed and strategic manner.

  • Multi-domain data management for maintaining all information revolving around products and related use cases, e.g. components, recipes, and subsidiaries
  • Mapping supplier articles next to master products, on top of visual aids for keeping track of differences
  • Storing feedback data about products to create a 360-degree product view
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