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Become a part of eggheads!

With over 2000 eggheads users who trust us, eggheads is a fast-growing B2B SaaS and on-premise company in Europe. But we want more. Together, we are working to centralize the world’s product information, refine it and make it profitable – across all channels. It is the team that makes our success possible.

We are looking for you!

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Chicken? Egg? eggheads!

Who came first is of secondary importance. To us, everybody’s part of the team. Discover eggheads as an employer and get to know us.


Become Part of eggheads

With more than 2000 eggheads users putting their trust into us, eggheads is a fast-growing B2B-Saas and On-Premise solution in Europe. Yet, we want more. Together, we share our vision 2026: We want to centralize, enrich, and apply all product information in this world – across all channels. To this end, it’s our various Teams who make our success possible.

We’re recruiting makers and pioneers. Find the right position for your skill set.


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Company Culture

What defines us, what drives us?

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We Empower Our Customers

We think outside the box and are supportive partners for our customers of whom we‘re proud. Together, we aim for the highest and best – without ever losing the human being out of focus. Product communication is, to us, more than know-how. Every day anew, we keep at the task with much blood, sweat, and tears.

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Our Standards – Respect and Integrity

Both in-house and at our customer‘s site, we’re always aiming for acting fairly and ethically. We take responsibility for all our actions. Participative management, equal opportunities, and diversity are values we actively support.

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In Our Team, We Discuss Matters Transparently and Openly

Our individual talents and skills are what makes us the unbeatable team we are. We discuss matters openly, challenge and cultivate each other, acting as a unit. What drives us is the eggheads spirit: acting holistically while staying top connected.

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Keeping it Simple with High Ambitions

We strive for our ideas with an unconditional enthusiasm, set ourselves high objectives, and deliver the results to back it up. With our solution-driven company spirit, we stay streets ahead of the competition.

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Inexhaustible Thirst for Knowledge

Ever-curious, we keep it rolling as we learn and improve more and more. This mindset is what lets us grow not only as a company but also as human beings.

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We’re Smart-Yet-Crazy Masterminds

We are proud to be eggheads. Not only do we demonstrate this, we live it. We’re all digitally crazy in our own way. Our colorful diversity is what makes us unique. Be it open-minded, impulsive, dynamic, loud, reserved, considerate, tolerant, or loyal characters – we eggheads have them all.

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Current Events

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Nice To Meet You

Our Application Process

Together, we can check your application and determine whether our path fits yours and vice versa: Your skills, your personality, and your enthusiasm for product information. You’ll get to know as many eggheads as possible alongside our company culture. Given the current situation concerning the coronavirus, all of our interviews are, for the time being, not held in person but via phone or video conversations.

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Step 1

Phone Interview

In a first phone call with Merle, you gain a first personal impression of eggheads.

Step 2

Job-Related Interview

Convince your future Team leader with your skill set and knowledge.

Step 3

Meet Your Team

Get to know your Team members and our spirit. Ask as many questions as possible.

Step 4

Culture Check

Now you learn more about our principles and values, and what we aim for from a long-term perspective.

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Merle Sonis

HR Business Partner

Contact Us

Hi, my name is Merle and I’m responsible for your application. You still have questions to the application process or one of our job postings? Or do you want to learn more about eggheads as an employer prior to your application? Feel free to send me an e-mail.



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