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PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation – Why do we need PIM software?

In our PowerPoint presentation, we give you the information you need to convince your stakeholders to implement PIM software.

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The 7 Essential Phases of Software Implementation

Equipped with this checklist, you master PIM implementations with great success.

Signpost Software Implementation |


7 Steps to Your Chaos-Free Software Implementation

We show you a battle-tested phase plan of what you have to watch out for in order to master the implementation of a new PIM software in you company with great success.

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E-Commerce Trends 2021

The E-Commerce fields is growing rampant. And where are you?

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9 Groundbreaking Trends in E-Commerce 2020

And how they influence your Product Information Management

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Corona Checklist for Your PIM Software and Your Shop

Opportunities and Challenges

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Successful with Longtail Business

On how to keep a good grip on your product data

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Localized Content is King

The greatest challenges of internationalizing your product content and how to master them

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From Buyer Persona to Customer Journey

The whitepaper for customer-oriented e-commerce and sustainable long-term success.

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E-Commerce-Trends 2022

Where are the newest developments of e-commerce leading us to? What are the top trends of 2022? How can you distinguish your online shop from the competition and continue to inspire customers in the future? Get your answers in our whitepaper.

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4 Steps to Using Product Data Efficiently and Creating Product Experience

Learn within 4 steps how you can utilize data so as to create game-changing Product Experience that inspires your customers.

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E-Commerce Guideline to Ideal Online Shop

The ultimate boost to your online shop: We demonstrate how you can optimize your page content in 5 steps, bringing your brand to life.


Tips Worth a Read which will Make Creating Product Experience Even Easier

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Social Commerce on the Fast Lane

Online Commerce lacks interpersonal relationships – Social Commerce is the answer. Learn everything you need to know about the mega trend in today’s E-Commerce and how to apply it to you own company.

Alina Ilina 13.10.2021 9 Min
Signpost Software Implementation |


The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Software Implementation

What are the banana peels you can slip on when implementing software – and how can you avoid them?

Yana Zabolotna 14.04.2021 5 Min
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Product Communications

Overcoming Objections – With these Arguments, You will Convince Your CEO and CTO of PIM

We show you which questions you can anticipate and provide the answers you need to have ready to hand.

Anja Missenberger 01.07.2021 7 Min
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Product Communications

Clearing Up the Confusion of Language: PIM vs PCM vs PXM vs PDM vs PLM vs MDM

Learn how terms such as PIM, PXM, and MDM can be differentiated.

Eric Dreyer 05.11.2020 4 Min
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Are these the E-Commerce Trends 2021?

E-Commerce is growing rampant. And where are you?

Anja Missenberger 29.10.2020 < 2 Min
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E-Commerce Trends 2022

The e-commerce field grows rapidly and the competition is getting increasingly tougher. In this blog post, you can learn about the hottest trends for 2022 in order to stay streets ahead of your fellow competitors.

Yana Zabolotna 18.11.2021 8 Min
Illustration: 2 people in front of a graphic with a rising curve. |

Product Communications

Convincing Stakeholders of PIM Software – It’s This Easy.

Learn which stakeholders you’re required to convince and what kind of arguments are necessary to do so.

Anja Missenberger 19.05.2021 5 Min
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Product Communications

Translation Management at the Click of a Button

Translation Management at the click of a button: We show you what tools support you in internationalizing your products.

Yasmina Khalki 15.06.2021 7 Min
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Product Communications

How to Receive Better Customer Ratings

Turn Your Customers into Fans

Marcel Henkhaus 03.12.2019 5 Min
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Marketing Trends of 2020 – The Human Being in Focus!

Authentic, relevant and focused we present the top trends 2020!

Anja Missenberger 10.02.2020 12 Min
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Coronavirus E-Commerce Checklist: Mastering Challenges

Learn from this comprehensive checklist how you, as an e-commerce retailer, can act in times of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and where your chances are at their best.

Anja Missenberger 30.03.2020 2 Min
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Your Shop Deserves Perfect Data

How You can Handle the Data Flood and Generate More Sales

Stephan Ludden 06.04.2020 4 Min
A clipboard with the caption:

Product Communications

Contagiously Good Mood Thanks to Healthy Product Data

About Symptoms, Risk Groups and Treatment Methods

Dardan Buck 08.05.2020 3 Min
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Product Communications

Product data first!

How a Strong Foundation Comes with More Success in E-Commerce

Kai Warmus 25.05.2020 5 Min
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Product Communications

Precise Product Data for Professional B2B Sales

All Product Data On Site

David Dümmler 10.07.2020 4 Min
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Inside eggheads

eggheads Product Update: March 2021

Open the curtains for the new eggheads Suite 11.2: Here are the features and novelties you can look forward to.

Marcel Henkhaus 29.03.2021 3 Min
Illustration of a furniture shop with a sofa |


Digital Transformation in the Furniture Industry – From Requirements to Reality

PIM software for furniture businesses: This is how you set up your digital transformation for omni-channel commerce.

Claus Vöhringer 13.12.2021 5 Min
Illustration of two women at work while watching an online session on their laptop. |


Webinar Fatique?

eggheads Online Event Etiquette: This is how you get the best out of any online conference, while also leaving a good impression.

Anja Missenberger 28.05.2021 7 Min
Illustration of the Customer Journey in industry practice |

Product Communications

Customer Journey in Industry Practice

Satisfy and inspire demanding B2B customers with a complex product portfolio – learn how in this blog.

Yana Zabolotna 03.09.2021 6 Min
Confetti falls on happy people while doing a shopping cart race |


Data as the Foundation of Unique Product Experience in Online Retail – This is How it’s Done!

Learn how to utilize your data as the foundation of unique Product Experience and distinguish yourself from fellow competitors in online retail.

Yana Zabolotna 03.03.2021 3 Min
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Inside eggheads

people@eggheads – Q&A Interview with Working Student Jannis

What does an internship student do at eggheads? This is what Jannis Lambeck will tell you about in this interview.

Tiffany Wiener 16.06.2021 4 Min
Merle Sonis in portrait |

Inside eggheads

people@eggheads – Merle’s Work Life in HR Business

Get to know us eggheads – read the interview of our born personnel manager, Merle.

Tiffany Wiener 10.02.2021 3 Min
Illustration with woman editing text |

Product Communications

Product Descriptions – Must-Have or Disposable?

Product descriptions. Why are they so important in e-commerce? What pitfalls should you look out for? And how can you prevent them before they even come up in the first place? Find out in our most recent blog post.

Anja Missenberger 07.12.2021 7 Min
Illustration product manager with content building blocks |

Product Communications

Strategic Product Management as a Business Saver

Unable to see the forest for the tress? There’s hope: Learn how to make your work processes easier and more efficient using strategic Product Management. Master the challenges of everyday work in a flash.

Melina Laws 12.08.2021 7 Min
Illustration of a man standing next to a laptop with 12.0 written on it. |

Inside eggheads

Major Release: Product Update for eggheads Suite 12.0

Major Release eggheads Suite 12.0 – Learn everything you need to know about new features and highlights.

Eric Dreyer 01.09.2021 5 Min
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Inside eggheads

Reviews for a Good Cause!

You rate, we donate: Learn everything about our new corporate environmental actions and how to participate here.

Yana Zabolotna 25.10.2021 2 Min
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Product Communications

5 Tips for an Efficient Product Communication

Convincing customers to make a purchase decision – with successful Product Communication, your products effectively fly off the shelves on their own. In this blog entry, we show you what adjustments you should make in order to elevate your Product Communication to the next level in virtually no time.

Sebastian Faber 19.01.2022 7 Min
Marcel Henkhaus in portrait |

Inside eggheads

people@eggheads – A Day in the Job of UX and UI Designer Marcel

UX and UI Designer Marcel invites us to look behind the scenes: This is how your daily work life looks at eggheads.

Marcel Henkhaus 12.04.2021 5 Min
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