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From Data Chaos to Clear Structures with the Right Data Model

A product data model is the basis of your Product Information Management. In our whitepaper, we show you what types of product data models there are, together with their advantages and use cases.

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Checklist for an Optimal Data Quality

Bring the quality of your data into top form! With our checklist, you’re equipped with the optimal guide to enhance your data quality in five steps and secure a decisive competitive edge.

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Content Strategy 2.0

Better visibility and outreach – this is made possible by high-quality content and a well-thought-out strategy. We let you in on how to develop a Content Strategy which will pay dividends for your entire company.

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Top 5 E-Commerce Trends 2023

To master the challenges of our time, the name of the game is to look ahead and inspire customers across their entire customer journey. Find out which trends will help you in doing so in the upcoming year in this whitepaper.

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Digital Product Data Management Explained in Simple Terms

How can you and your company make a smooth transition into digitization, fully exhausting all possibilities and potentials? We explain this to you in our whitepaper.

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Your Cheat Sheet for Unique Product Descriptions

The ultimate cheat sheet with 6 essential tips for creating unique product descriptions – clear, concise, and in checklist form.

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10 Tips for Really Good Product Descriptions which Sell

Do you inspire with your product descriptions? This is how you can transform boring texts into captivating sales arguments, turning consumers into loyal customers and fans.

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From Buyer Persona to Customer Journey

The whitepaper for customer-oriented e-commerce and sustainable long-term success.


Tips Worth a Read which will Make Creating Product Experience Even Easier

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Product Information Management

PIM and AI: New Possibilities for Data-Driven Product Management

Welcome to Industry 4.0: Discover the potential of AI in combination with PIM. In this blog entry, we shed light on the currently on-going developments in AI and PIM, demonstrating to you how they open a new horizon for data-driven Product Information Management. Read more now!

Eric Dreyer 04.09.2023 8 Min
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Product Information Management

The Future of Sales Processes: CPQ and PIM in Focus

How can you optimally manage and market your products while expanding your competitiveness? This is what the experts Markus Pichler and Achim Beckmann explain to you in this interview. They demonstrate to you how PIM and CPQ can help boosting your data quality, customer retention rate, and your sales.

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Product Information Management

Product Information Management: Bring Order into the Information Jungle

The right information at just the right time and place – this is what makes the difference on a market with demanding customers. In this blog entry, you’ll learn how to achieve this goal with Product Information Management and guarantee that your company is always streets ahead of the competition.

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The Perfect Symbiosis: Multichannel Marketing and PIM in B2B and B2C

Dive into the diverse world of Multichannel Marketing. In this blogpost, we explain the foundations of this marketing approach, shedding light on the most important challenges and solutions for both the B2B and B2C field. Learn how a PIM system can help you in elevating your multichannel strategy to the next level.

Sebastian Faber 27.07.2023 8 Min
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Product Information Management

PIM and DAM: The Success Factors for Your Business

Discover the benefits of the dream team PIM and DAM. From tailor-made product information to breathtaking digital assets – in this article, we tell you how to inspire customers, boost your efficiency, and optimize your omnichannel strategy.

Frauke Effertz 06.07.2023 7 Min
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Product Information Management

Departure to the Cloud: SaaS PIM as the Key to Digital Product Data Management

You want to optimize your product data processes with a PIM but are afraid that the initial investments are too high? SaaS PIM is the magic word! In this blogpost, you learn everything valuable there is to lean about cloud-based PIM solutions.

Eric Dreyer 04.07.2023 7 Min
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Product Communications

CPQ and PIM: How can Smart Tools Optimize your Sales Success?

How can you improve your sales success in the face of a highly competitive market? In our newest blog entry, we let you in on how you can optimize your sales and boost your returns with a CPQ. Dive into the world of CPQ and learn how it can be combined with a PIM to elevate your company to the next level.

Nermin Zukorlic 02.06.2023 6 Min
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Product Communications

The Fantastic Five: ERP, IMS, CRM, CMS, and PIM

Do you feel the same way: the Babylonian confusion of abbreviations in the world of software systems makes you not see the forest for the trees. There is PIM, ERP, IMS, CMS, and CRM – it’s like listening to “rapcronyms” in hip hop music! In this blog entry, we brink light into the dark and show you what system handles which business processes.

Frauke Effertz 17.05.2023 8 Min
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