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Checklist for an Optimal Data Quality

Bring the quality of your data into top form! With our checklist, you’re equipped with the optimal guide to enhance your data quality in five steps and secure a decisive competitive edge.

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Content Strategy 2.0

Better visibility and outreach – this is made possible by high-quality content and a well-thought-out strategy. We let you in on how to develop a Content Strategy which will pay dividends for your entire company.

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Top 5 E-Commerce Trends 2023

To master the challenges of our time, the name of the game is to look ahead and inspire customers across their entire customer journey. Find out which trends will help you in doing so in the upcoming year in this whitepaper.

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Digital Product Data Management Explained in Simple Terms

How can you and your company make a smooth transition into digitization, fully exhausting all possibilities and potentials? We explain this to you in our whitepaper.

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Your Cheat Sheet for Unique Product Descriptions

The ultimate cheat sheet with 6 essential tips for creating unique product descriptions – clear, concise, and in checklist form.

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10 Tips for Really Good Product Descriptions which Sell

Do you inspire with your product descriptions? This is how you can transform boring texts into captivating sales arguments, turning consumers into loyal customers and fans.

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From Buyer Persona to Customer Journey

The whitepaper for customer-oriented e-commerce and sustainable long-term success.

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E-Commerce Guideline to Ideal Online Shop

The ultimate boost to your online shop: We demonstrate how you can optimize your page content in 5 steps, bringing your brand to life.


Tips Worth a Read which will Make Creating Product Experience Even Easier

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Product Communications

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Product Data

Did you know that the targeted optimization of your product data increases your brand visibility and customer conversion rate while also enabling you to respond to the customers’ needs more effectively? Learn in this blog entry which factors play a role in doing so and how you can optimize your product data in 5 steps in order to reach its full potential.

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Product Information Management

5 PIM Providers in Comparison

Are you uncertain about which PIM system to choose? We have the solution for your agony of choice. In this blogpost, we present to you five different providers which are best suited for different requirements. Enjoy the read!

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Product Information Management

5 Reasons Why Companies Need a PIM System Even During Difficult Times

Those who want to stay competitive even during difficult times should optimize their processes and control costs. How a PIM can help you in doing so is the topic of today’s blogpost.

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Product Information Management

PIM and SEO – The Dream Team for Successful Websites

Improving your search engine ranking while also minimizing the effort involved – in this blogpost, we tell you how you can profit from a PIM system even when it comes to the topic of Search Engine Optimization.

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Product Information Management

3 Good Reasons for a Well-Structured Product Data Model

Is there any benefit your company could gain by investing time and effort into its product data model? In this blog entry, we’ll provide you with three good reasons for doing so and demonstrate to you how your entire Product Data Management can profit from it!

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Product Communications

Product Classifications – Universal Standards for Your Data

Product classifications constitute the foundation for smooth data transfers and international product sales. You want to know what this concept entails and how your company can profit from classifications? Find out in this blog post.

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6 Steps to a Successful Content Strategy

With an effective Content Strategy, you can get the best out of your Content Marketing. In this blog entry, we let you in on how you can devise a strategy for crowning your content. After all, content is king.

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Product Communications

BMEcat – A Universal Exchange Format for Your Product Data

What’s the meaning behind the concepts digital standard and BMEcat? How can your company profit from them? And how can a PIM support you in doing so? Learn about all this in our newest blog post!

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