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Enrich: Create Convincing Product Experience with Optimized Data Quality

Present your products in the best possible light and convince customers with a groundbreaking product experience. By managing your product data in the PIM made by eggheads, you get the maximum out of your product presentation with minimal effort.

  • Higher customer conversion rate thanks to optimal product quality
  • Product content available in all languages with our built-in translation functions
  • Integrated media asset management for the perfect product experience

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Media Asset Management Made Easy

Media assets such as images, videos, logos, and documents like datasheets are the basis for an optimal product experience. Here, you can trust in eggheads Suite’s Media Asset Management. Media is first organized in an independent data structure and can then be linked to products – this allows for a much clearer overview and quick searchability. Equipped with smart search functions, you’ll find required data in virtually no time, rather than been forced to collect it from scattered data aggregates. Be it creating and managing image properties and media attributes, or even adding media assets in different language variants – with eggheads Suite, working with media will feel like a cakewalk.

  • Simple check-out and check-in function for media assets to edit them in external programs
  • Countless import options for media assets: ranging from imports directly into the Media Asset Management, imports by referencing relevant products, to ODS imports
  • Automated calculation and conversion into user-defined image formats for imported media assets
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Data Quality Always in Focus – With the Data Quality Management of eggheads Suite

Good data quality is essential for your corporate success. With the integrated Data Quality Management of eggheads Suite, you can see at a glance exactly how high the quality of any given product is or where there is need for optimization – this is guaranteed to make work much simpler for all users. Thanks to user-defined quality rules, the hassle of tedious error search and corresponding coordination is completely alleviated. This way, you can enhance product data quality in an even faster manner and, at the same time, contribute to a higher customer satisfaction rate. This is how your entire company can profit from PIM.

  • Supply all publication channels with perfect quality in a fast and easy manner with the help of user-defined quality rules
  • Visualize data quality for each business object
  • Up to 25 percent sales increase through improved data quality
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Translation Management at the Click of a Button

To conquer international markets, you’re required to provide product content in the regional languages of your customers. However, the translation process comes with great effort and resource requirements. The translation functions of eggheads Suite support you in automating the translation process – from the creation of translation tasks to editing. Our international customers maintain their data in more than 30 languages – and that in a fully automated manner. To this end, they profit from the following features of eggheads Suite: exports for translation tasks and source content to third-party systems, connectivity to Translation Management Systems, as well as the use of our own built-in translation editor.

  • Translation of text segments in connection with the entire product context
  • Automated pre-translations via DeepL connection
  • Connection to Translation Management Systems…
    • Text creation: support for text editing via context-sensitive provision of keywords from already translated text segments
    • Translation: translation suggestions in real time when working in the eggheads Suite editors
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This is How Efficient Data Management Works

A central point of data enrichment is the creation and maintenance of product attributes. Depending on your use case, you can draw from various options. Users can directly edit the attributes of products and keep them up to date. For editing multiple attributes of multiple products at the same time, they can always refer to the Multi-Editor. And for editing an even greater quantity of data, so-called “mass jobs” can be set up. Information which applies to an entire product group doesn’t need to be added manually to every single product: products can inherit content based on user-defined content inheritance rules, allowing you to draw and combine relevant content from other data objects, while also providing you the option to overwrite inherited content as necessary. This saves a lot of data management effort!

  • Create versions of product attributes for tracking changes made to products over time
  • All changes always available at a glance: mark attribute content for later quality control
  • Create the perfect overview with user-defined filter options when viewing and working with product attributes
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Our Extensive Search Functions

It’s about finding your product information rather than simply searching for it! To quickly find what you’re looking for, eggheads Suite provides you with various search functions. Besides the classic full-text search, you have an extended search at your disposal for searching after user-defined product categories or within specified data sub-structures. You can even search for empty but relevant product attributes or products with low data quality. With the selection of context-sensitive filters, you can continuously refine and limit your search to finally apply relevant actions and mass jobs to your search results.

  • Full-text search for all attributes of products, media assets, and publications: be it via the simple search or the criteria-based search
  • Save and share searches, and narrow them further down using context-sensitive filters
  • Bulk editing actions: edit, copy, delete, translate, and export selected search results
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Just the Right Content for Every Target Group

Often times, one and the same product is to be marketed to different target groups which value different aspects and features of the product. In such use cases, you may want to create multiple variants of product texts in eggheads Suite to enhance your customer’s product experience. And the best thing: this won’t necessarily result in more effort for you. Since eggheads Suite also provides you with the right content automation tools to boot. With this AI-based system, you can generate entire product texts automatically.

  • Improve customer conversion rates with a target-group-oriented approach
  • Satisfied customers thanks to a unique product experience
  • Work even more efficiently with content automation tools
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