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We’re all facing one and the same challenge: providing our customers with a unique product experience throughout the entire Customer Journey. Here, you can learn how eggheads supports companies in revolutionizing their Product Communication and simplifies related processes in next to no time.

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These Projects Speak for Themselves

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The eggheads suite in use at Bremicker.

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State-of-the-Art Catalog Generation

Bremicker Verkehrstechnik GmbH has advanced to a leading market position in the field of road traffic safety with innovative solutions – on both the national and international scale. The company meets its customers on their own ground, throughout every stage of the Customer Journey, be it digital or analog. This sounds like a quite the challenge but, as it turned out, it posed no problems to eggheads Suite whatsoever. Learn in this customer story how Bremicker automates its information chains, simplifies its entire catalog generation process, and provides its customers with a unique product experience.

Customer Story: Bremicker
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The eggheads suite in use at DELTA-V.

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A Prototype for Risk Prevention

DELTA-V, headquartered in Wuppertal, is among the leading providers of office equipment in Germany. With the implementation of eggheads PIM, the company has managed to improve their entire Product Communication at the click of a button. The prototype created in the earlier project phases allowed them to test out all requirements and functionalities well in advance – staying true to the motto: no risk, more fun! Find out how the prototype came to be and see the benefits DELTA-V has been enjoying ever since the implementation of eggheads Suite in this customer story.

Customer Story: DELTA-V
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grünbeck Logo | eggheads.net

The eggheads suite in use at Grünbeck.

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Many Challenges, One Solution

Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH is a leading company with innovative solutions for best water quality. With eggheads Suite as a PIM system, Grünbeck has centralized its product data and optimized data quality. Read in this customer story how Grünbeck has mastered the challenges of product data management with eggheads Suite.

Customer Story: Grünbeck
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The eggheads suite in use at SAKRET.

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PIM Standard Software can be this Flexible

SAKRET is one of the largest manufacturers of ready-mixed dry mortars worldwide. As an international company with various subsidiaries, SAKRET tackles the challenge of managing gigantic quantities of product data head on, optimizing data quality for immaculate datasheets and technical documentation. Handling all this with isolated applications is, indeed, nigh impossible. However, with the eggheads Suite system solution, all corporate licensees can draw from a unified and consistent data basis – from anywhere, at any time. In the process, they remain flexible enough to individualize content by country and region for targeted product assortments. Caught your interest? If so, learn about all the nitty-gritty details in the customer story.

Customer Story: SAKRET
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STEINEL Logo | eggheads.net

The eggheads suite in use at STEINEL.

To the Customer Story

Lightning-Fast Implementation with eggheads Suite

Operating from their headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, STEINEL Normalien develops and manufactures high-end mechanical engineering solutions. With more than 25,000 products which are all required to be documented, edited, and organized, a PIM system is a must-have for the family company. Additionally, a smooth implementation with a quick onboarding of all employees was another decisive criterion for STEINEL when it came to selecting their PIM provider. Said and done: with our battle-tested and war-proven implementation and software training concept. You want to know by how many percent we’ve managed to cut down the project effort together and what STEINEL has defined as their key factors for the PIM project? If so, then read the customer story now.

Customer Story: STEINEL
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The eggheads suite in use at Wilo.

To the Customer Story

Innovative Product Experience Thanks to PIM and BIM

Wilo Group headquartered in Dortmund has advanced from a local expert to a global premium provider for pumps and pump systems for construction technology, water management, and the industries. One among many unique selling points for their customers is the provision of made-to-measure 3D CAD models of pumps as provided in the Wilo Group online shop for digital building services. This is what inspires the customers of the German-based company worldwide. The foundation of such models is data, data, and data – only the perfect interplay of PIM and BIM can render this unique product experience possible. Find out how exactly everything clicks together in Wilo’s customer story.

Customer Story: Wilo