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Implementation of eggheads Suite – Fast and Structured

Our software can be used as a SaaS or On-Premise solution. With our support, you can use your eggheads Suite account immediately. The implementation includes, among other things, the import of existing data and the configuration of access rights. By modelling your processes on your own, using eggheads Suite, you become a product expert and do configurations on demand by yourself, as easy as ABC.

Implementation Phases

Your Way to Product Heroes

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Phase 1

Project Pre-Phase: Defining Resources and Planning Time

Phase 2

Analysis Phase: Assign Responsibilities

Phase 3

Data Model Phase: Collect and Prepare Data

Phase 4

Concept Phase: Define Internal Workflows

Phase 5

Migration Phase: Test Settings

Phase 6

Implementation Phase: Secure Internal Communication

Phase 7

Optional Phase: Gathering and Evaluating Feedback

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Successfully Completed Implementations


Experts for Your Implementation Process at Your Service

For a structured project

Depending On Complexity and Size of Your Company, the Implementation Takes 4–6 Months on Average

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Dedicated Contact Person

Our project management supports you during the implementation process in regular web meetings as well as via e-mail and phone. Optional workshops accelerate the project.

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Individualized Project Plan

To enable you to realize your objectives and requirements as quickly as possible, we’ll develop a detailed project plan for you.

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System and Account Setup

From master data to rights-and-role system: Our experts help you configure our software to individualize your PIM solutions.

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Coaching to Turn You into an Expert Key User

In order for your successful eggheads Suite implementation and use, our certified eggheads academy trainers will provide you with practical training on-site or online.

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Data Imports

We support you in the initial import process of your data: guiding you through it step by step, helping you in mapping your data correctly, and advising you on the best possible way of structuring your imported data.

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Hints and Tricks

eggheads does not simply implement software — we also share best practices for your daily PIM work.

All contacts at hand

Your experts and contacts

Elena Hagner

Project Manager & Leader eggheads academy

During our collaboration in the implementation phase, we will map your internal processes to eggheads Suite’s functions. This will greatly facilitate your day-to-day PIM practices. I show you how you’ll get the most out of eggheads Suite.

Aytül Mantratzi

Project Manager & Trainer eggheads academy

It’s my goal to give you the feeling that you have a firm grip on eggheads Suite’s functions. With the implementation process and our eggheads academy, you will become a PIM expert in no time.

Raimund Backes

Implementation & Project Manager

You can save time and resources when collaborating with us in analyzing your data prior to the actual implementation. This leaves more time for both you and us to work on adjusting the system to your workflows together.

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