Implementation of eggheads Suite – Fast and Structured

Our software can be used as a SaaS or On-Premise solution. With our support, you can use your eggheads Suite account effective immediately. The implementation includes, among other things, the import of existing data and the configuration of access rights. By modelling you processes on your own using eggheads Suite, you become a product export and do configurations on demand by yourself, as easy as ABC.

Implementation Phases

Your Way to Product Heroes

Phase 1

Project Pre-Phase: Defining Resources and Planning Time

Phase 2

Analysis Phase: Assign Responsibilities

Phase 3

Data Model Phase: Collect and Prepare Data

Phase 4

Concept Phase: Define Internal Workflows

Phase 5

Migration Phase: Test Settings

Phase 6

Implementation Phase: Secure Internal Communication

Phase 7

Optional Phase: Gathering and Evaluating Feedback