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Good Service is Our Promise

We love collaborating with our customers and squeezing out every last bit of optimization – individual, personal, and direct. This is our motivation, our ambition, and our promise. We’re happy to help you out in person and see where we can support you.

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For You, We Give It Our Best

PIM Consulting

You have questions concerning Product Information Management? With our extensive data consulting portfolio, you’re guaranteed to find just the right answers. Profit from our 30 years’ worth of experience in the PIM field. Together, we bring your company to the top!

PIM Consulting
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Chaos-Free Implementation

Introducing PIM software is no cakewalk, regardless of your company size. But don’t worry, we’ve got a plan. Within seven steps and with proactive support by our Service Team, the implementation of our PIM software in your company will be a comprehensive success on every level.

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Our Service Heroes to the Rescue

“Focus Your Product” is our motto – and our Customer Service is the enabling condition which supports you at every turn when it comes to mastering your challenges and fulfilling your requirements. The eggheads Service Team is always ready to lend support so that you can implement and use our software for your objectives as efficiently as possible.

Customer Service
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eggheads Academy

eggheads Academy is an integral part of our implementation process. Our software trainings turn your employees into efficient users of eggheads Suite in virtually no time. Be it as a refresher or to learn how to navigate our software from scratch – with our academy, your team will become product heroes and you’ll finally have more time to focus on what truly matters: your Product Communication.

To the eggheads Academy
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eggheads Day

Staying true to the motto #meet #network #inspire, our exclusive customer event brings together what belongs together: people, know-how, and ideas. Together with partners, experts, and prominent speakers, we share our knowledge and expertise – with the goal to boost our customers to the next level and inspire them by opening up new perspectives.

To eggheads Day
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Customer Stories – Insights With and From Our Customers

eggheads supports customers from various industries in optimizing their Product Communication and fulfilling important corporate objectives. Simply convince yourself. In our customer stories, members of the eggheads community tell you about their industry-specific challenges and how they’ve mastered them with our PIM system.

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