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We “eggheads” give our best on a day-to-day basis to boost the competitive strength of our customers, primarily headquartered in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Aspects decisive for staying streets ahead of your competition — such as the perfect interplay of humans, strategies, processes, data, and PIM software — are all brought together by us.

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We “eggheads” giveour best on a day-to-day basis to boost the competitive strength of our customers, primarily headquartered in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Aspects decisive for staying streets ahead of your competition — such as the perfect interplay of humans, strategies, processes, data, and PIM software — are all brought together by us.

Caught your interest? We’re looking forward to a personal exchange.

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eggheads – ‘Eggsperts’ For Your Product Communication

No matter the requirement or issue at hand, you can put your trust into our team of experts.

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“Our task: We support you in having a firm grip on the transaction and communication of your data. For the unified digitization of your product data.”

Wolfgang Wichert, Founder

Facts – Values We Live

What makes us, what do we strive for?

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We Empower Our Customers

We think outside the box and are supportive partners for our customers of whom we are proud. Together, we aim for the highest and best – without ever losing the human being out of focus. Product communication is, to us, more than know-how. Every day anew, we keep at the task with much blood, sweat, and tears.

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Our Standards – Respect and Integrity

Both in-house and at our customer‘s site, we’re always aiming for acting fairly and ethically. We take responsibility for all our actions. Participative management, equal opportunities, and diversity are values we actively support.

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In Our Team, We Discuss Matters Transparently and Openly

Our individual talents and skills are what makes us the unbeatable team we are. We discuss matters openly, challenge and cultivate each other, and act as a unit. What drives us is the eggheads spirit: acting holistically while staying top connected.

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We Are Smart-Yet-Crazy Masterminds

We‘re proud to be eggheads. Not only do we demonstrate this, we live it. We’re all digitally crazy in our own way. Our colorful diversity is what makes us unique. Be it open-minded, impulsive, dynamic, loud, reserved, considerate, tolerant, or loyal characters – we eggheads have them all. #weareeggheads

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the story

The Early Beginnings

What got the egg rolling initially was a bizarre idea by Wolfgang Wichert, company founder and CEO of eggheads, more than 30 years ago. The idea: Translating process automation for industries and logistics into marketing and sales. In the age of internet and globalization, this vision has long since become an indispensabel necessity. Companies which want to design a contradiction-free product experience nowadays will not do so without software for Pro­duct In­for­ma­tion Man­age­ment.

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THE Software

We Know What We Want

More than 85 eggheads work daily on eggheads Suite and its modules – for sustainable long-term product communication. We actively develop our software further and further so that all that is left for you to do is to enrich your hereby centralized product data and distribute it into all channels in a profitable manner.

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Start Vision 2026

Our strategic vision for the year of 2026 paired with our business model bring together technological know-how with intelligent PIM software, on the one hand, and professional service, on the other. With this combination, we accompany all of our customers’ corporate departments when it comes to digitizing product communication in a holistic and unifying manner.

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From Tech Developer to Brand Experience

Focus Your Product – this is our slogan and, at the same time, the principle of our standard software. Our brand promise, straight to the point. Together with the two peculiar eggheads in our logo, representing our smart-yet-crazy mastermindedness, it makes for a guiding principle in a digital world which is growing ever more complex.

This Is Our Burning Passion

Our Work Ethic

You are aiming for strong and lively customer relations across the entire product experience? We too. And this is why we give it our best on a day-to-day basis. Aspects decisive for staying streets ahead of your competition such as the perfect interplay of humans, strategies, processes, data, and PIM software are all brought together by us. We analyze, provide advice, come up with concepts, and realize ideas. With the goal that you can organize the flood of information so as to manage today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for product communication. So that you can reach out to your customers via a diverse range of media and channels – professional, individual, profitable, reliable, and relevant. Only after we have cemented these values for you, we can rest happily. Digitize your product data processes right now and experience a new dimension of efficiency. Our eggheads experts and our software, ‘eggheads Suite,’ work on securing your company’s competitive edge.

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Close, Personal, And On-Eye-Level

For excellent results in customer projects, nothing is more valuable as direct and personal communication – this we are convinced of. This applies to our work ethic just as it as does as an essential factor of our corporate culture. Consequently, we put great emphasis on an early return-on-investment for our customers. Questions which our project managers tackle anew in each and every challenge include: What does our customer truly require? And what does our customer not require? How is the company’s data to be structured and represented in our software’s flexible data model? Ultimately, how does our customer make successful steps towards digitization for a wholesome customer experience?

In the analysis phase, we commit to a deep-dive and conceive of ourselves as partners and, literally, eggheads who provide you with expert knowledge in building up your own data model and digital process in first-hand dialog. Pragmatically feasible and sustainable on a long-term basis. For our customer projects, we use state-of-the-art project management methods, operating on the basis of agile software development as our number-one principle for maximum flexibility and transparency. Our ticket and tracking system allows our customers an equally agile and team-oriented collaboration across all hierarchy levels of the software implementation project. All project packages, tickets, users, comments, and effort invested are managed and edited online – all accessible and visible to the customer on demand.

We deliver quality – promised! Namely, quality tailor-made for your IT requirements.

Facts about eggheads

Your cloud PIM provider for product data at the highest level


Employees who love product communication


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eggheads Partners

Grow together

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Profit from our Partner Network – be it for Implementation or Technology

Together with our highly qualified partners, we can provide both great functionality and a smooth software implementation of eggheads Suite. Become part of our network. We’re constantly outgrowing ourselves and expanding – for better sales and happier customers.

eggheads Partners
Strategic Minds

We Love Product Communication, in All its Many Shapes and Colors

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Rethinking and automating new processes together with our customers, bringing structure into the flood of data, and always thinking outside the box – as a project manager at eggheads, new, exciting challenges await me every day.

Corinna Schneider
Customer Management

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eggheads is like a colourful mix – young and young at heart, open, creative and helpful – ideal for keeping up with the times, implementing new ideas and supporting customers in a great way.

Czeslaw Szlauer
Inbound Sales

Author image Myriam Nonnemann from eggheads | eggheads.net
My passion for digitalisation and automation drives me to realise successful projects together with our customers. Our goal is: success through collaboration.

Myriam Nonnemann
Customer Management

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eggheads may not be perfect, but we’re pretty damn close. To us, our customers rank first. We listen, understand your needs, and are here for you in person. We live it, we make it!

Claus Vöhringer

Portraitfoto von Nermin Zu von eggheads | eggheads.net
I love the challenges eggheads has to offer, coupled with the opportunity to work on projects which make a real difference and bring about a change in the industry.

Nermin Zukorlic

Autorenbild Dinara Quarz-Pleuger von eggheads | eggheads.net
eggheads enables me to achieve a good work-life balance and reconcile family and career through flexibility and the option to work from home. This allows me to support the company in the areas of marketing and social media in a relaxed manner and with full energy!

Dinara Quarz-Pleuger

Los gehts