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Distribute: Just the Right Product Information, at the Right Time, in the Right Channel

Distributing from a central spot into all sales channels sounds like a distant dream? With eggheads Suite, this dream becomes reality. With our PIM as the common data basis, you can supply all relevant channels and touchpoints with all relevant product content at the click of a few buttons.

  • Easy to classify product data with default export functions for formats such as BMEcat
  • Set up interfaces without any programming knowledge thanks to the built-in export configurator
  • User-definable automatisms for print publishing directly integrated into the software

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Everything’s in PIM: Data Classifications and Standardized Export Formats

When you’re exchanging product data with other companies, you’ll have to agree on a common data format – and to this end, your industry has defined an array of branch-specific standards and classifications. With eggheads Suite, you don’t need any third-party system to map, define, and automate such classifications. The PIM made by eggheads provides you with integrated automatisms for adjusting your well-maintained and media-neutral data to your exchange partner’s regulations when setting up the export.

  • Default export functions for formats such as BMEcat
  • Support for standards from specific industry sectors, including BIM, ETIM, ECLASS, UNSPSC, etc.
  • Support and enrichment of 3D-CAD models with product data
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Export Configurator: No Extra Programming Expenses

Just how the import configurator is the onboarding tool for getting data into eggheads Suite, its counterpart, the export configurator, provides you with similar functions for all export types. How files are to be exported as XML and other conventional formats is fully configurable, so that the communication with third-party systems is fast and smooth. And the best thing is: all exports are easy to fully automate. With that, no additional user intervention is needed to make all information available on demand. Should you prefer direct data streaming, you can do so by utilizing web services.

  • Simple configuration: run file-based and interface-based exports directly from the graphical user interface
  • Various types of export triggers: be it REST, HotFolder, schedule-based, or as embedded in a product data editing workflow
  • REST API with interactive Swagger documentation
PIM Interfaces
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Easily Automated: Catalog Creation can be This Easy

With the help of the built-in publishing module, you can create publication outlets such as product catalogs or flyers directly within eggheads Suite. An endless space of possibilities is awaiting you: The system distinguishes between automated, semi-automated, and manual creation of print products – or simply combine publishing methods as necessary.

  • Product preview: Directly attach live preview pages to products and product assortments
  • Page generator: Automatic generation of publication pages and print-ready catalog PDFs
  • InDesign connectivity: Update product data embedded in layouts even after being exported out of the system at the click of a button
Simple Catalog Creation
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Data and Information Available to Everybody with the eggheads Product Portal

With the product portal of eggheads Suite, you can provide product data to all users, including people without access to the PIM system itself, in the presentable form of a well-secured website. Be it as an information database or for media search – the eggheads Product Portal is practical, save, and intuitive to use. In particular, the portal users don’t require extensive know-how about data structures in PIM and can, instead, use the web search to find required data quickly.

  • Access for data suppliers to the product pool for approving redactional content
  • Information source for both internal and external support and service call centers
  • Information tool for retail as a presentable overview of selected product assortments
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Clear, Simple, and Intuitive: Search and Upload in the eggheads Media Portal

Not all users are granted access to the Media Asset Management and related data structures – and that’s how it should be. With its Media Portal, eggheads Suite offers a secure and simple way to provide both internal and external parties with media without any further access rights. Using the media search, content can be found with lightning speed. The punchline: The Media Portal doesn’t only provide media assets but also allows for uploads. For example, agencies or photographers can upload their content directly into the portal and, in the next step, transfer it over to the Media Asset Management in eggheads Suite.

  • Highly performative search for all media objects
  • View media in various qualities, also including metadata and exports
  • Optional media upload directly into the PIM system
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