Digital Product Information Management – Your Springboard to Digitalization

Learn within 30 minutes how you can use a Product Information Management system to set the foundation for your digitalization while working from home. Sign up for a free online session now.

As part of the online session, we’ll demonstrate to you how you can accelerate, simplify, and optimize the management of your product data in the smartest manner possible. You can look forward to a live demo of our solution and exclusive insights on individual functions as well as concrete use-case scenarios. Seize the opportunity and also make sure to ask the eggheads experts for answers to your pressing questions.

The Big Benefit:
As a Product Information Management system, eggheads Suite can function as the central data hub for all product data, be it from your company office or working from home. Dare to take a peek and make the leap towards the digitalization of all data chaos – kiss inefficient processes goodbye.


  • Challenges in Today’s Product Communication
    This is what you need to look out for in order to stay streets ahead of your competition
  • eggheads Suite – All Product Information at a Glance
    Overview of all solutions
  • Live Presentation
    Exciting insights on the individual functions and practice-centered examples
  • Your Questions

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