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Utilizing Product Data and Generative AI for Automated Product Descriptions

Product Information Management (PIM) systems are essential in all those fields where extensive information records and structured units of data are to be organized and published for commercial purposes. They boost efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate processes. But how can you further maximize these benefits? The answer lies in the clever combination of a PIM system with generative artificial intelligence (AI) and data-based content creation.

The connection between PIM systems and technologies such as ChatGPT, GPT models, or comparable language models enables the automated and dynamic generation of product descriptions – technologies that have proven to be useful for establishing an essential competitive advantage. This is because generic, undifferentiated, or perhaps even incomplete product information does not only lead to dissatisfaction and cancelled purchases on the customer’s end but also play a crucial factor in product returns.

In this blog entry, you learn how PIM systems, generative AI, and data-based text automation can contribute to the success of digital commerce and how the scaling and effective application of such well-combined technologies can save you both time and resources.


Structured Data, Content Automation, and Generative Artificial Intelligence: Efficient Strategies for Describing Products

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Gemini revolutionized automated text generation. On the other hand, however, they have also posed new challenges to companies: Meeting complex requirements concerning quality, legal compliance, and text diversity while also maintaining a high production speed. One solution to all this is the combination of generative artificial intelligence, data-based context automation, and an efficient Product Information Management system.

The PIM system functions as a central platform for administrating, organizing, and editing all product information. This well-structured and high-quality product data serves as the basis for the automated creation of standardized and use-case-specific descriptions. Thanks to innovative automation tools, these descriptions and product texts cannot only be scaled on demand but also provided in different languages which, in turn, allows you to optimize business processes across your entire information chain. Accordingly, the precision of product data is decisive for the quality of such automatically produced content.

There also already are, however, novel approaches in the field of data-based text automation that support companies on their path towards processing even unstructured data with the help of generative AI such as ChatGPT and co. Through the combination of generative AI and data-based text automation, you can generate text models and recommendations for text variants, while you can use the possibilities of a scalable content automation to mobilize these texts for your use cases. In the process of doing so, knowledge accessible from the internet and gathered data is combined in order to create thousands upon thousands of texts for web, products, and SEO. With this combination, you can guarantee for quality, legal compliance, and text diversity in your automatic text generation.Viele Textfenster über- und nebeneinander | eggheads.net

The Combination of Generative AI, Data-Based Content Automation, and PIM System Offers Six Decisive Benefits for Companies:

  1. Fast Market Launch: With the support of generative AI, data-based automation, and a PIM system, you can significantly reduce the time to market of your products and offers. The automated creation of product descriptions for both designing new offers as well as updating existing products increases your operating speed and efficiency in product marketing. Automated processes for text generation do also require much less resources and reduce the effort of coordination which, at the end of the day, translates into a faster market launch in virtue of reducing or cutting tedious communication paths with external service providers.
  2. Efficient Workflows: Automation tools and PIM systems enable companies to efficiently organize and maintain their product information. They do not only help when it comes to optimizing work steps but also simplify procedures since all required information is saved centrally and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, the systems make sure that all content comply with market guidelines and that adjustments can be made in real time, therefore securing a high quality when it comes to content output.
  3. Improved SEO Rankings: A further advantage of the automated generation of product descriptions is the capacity to achieve an improvement in the SEO positions of several thousand products. The unique content created by the generative AI receives positive evaluations by search engines. On top of that, it’s possible to adjust text models and continuously optimize them in order to react to requirements of products and market conditions. This establishes that your generated texts are always up to date, one of a kind, and optimized for search engines. At the same time, you can combine individual buying intent and content automation on the grand scale. In the light of novelties such as the AI-driven search Google SGE, this is of immeasurable value.
  4. Simple Integration and Scalability: Technologies for the generation of content can easily imported into your system, significantly facilitating the process of adapting and implementing content. Thanks to this newly acquired flexibility and adaptivity, you can effortlessly scale your processes as the requirements of your company grow. Independent of your corporate size or number of products and offers, these systems used for the generation of content can contribute to easily fulfilling all your requirements revolving around the creation and management of content.
  5. Internationalization: With the use of generative AI and data-based text generation, it’s possible to automatically translate product descriptions into various languages. This facilitates not only the process of internationalization significantly but also saves you valuable resources. Instead of suffering through tedious and expensive translation processes, your system can quickly and efficiently provide you with product information in required languages. In this context, today’s automation tools already allow you to cover all conventional European and Asian languages with built-in features.
  6. Consistent Brand Message: Tools for the automated creation of product descriptions contribute to a standardized and uniform brand presentation. By creating product descriptions in a flexible manner that is in accordance with individual market guidelines, you can guarantee for contradiction-free and high-quality content. This consistent brand message, in turn, supports you in establishing your brand identity and strengthens your corporate image. Even keeping such messages up to date in the context of strategic adjustments is feasible even on a grand scale and easily implemented.


Efficient Content Creation through a Data-Based Approach

In today’s era of digital commerce, the combination of generative artificial intelligence, data-based content automation, and PIM system allows for efficient and high-quality product descriptions. The centralized management of product information enables the automated text generation in a variety of formats, for all sorts of channels, and for different target languages. A strategic use of automation tools can not only boost your efficiency and save resources, but also contribute to a stronger online presence, higher conversion rates, and, consequently, an increase in your sales.

The implementation of a well-combined solution made up of PIM system and text automation provides companies with the possibility to describe extensive product assortments, to always keep SEO-relevant and high-quality content up to date, and make adjustments in a quick and easy manner. Content automation tools offer you the chance to design and standardize diverse, target-group-specific, and search-engine-optimized content for online shops.

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