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Product Update: We Proudly Present eggheads Suite 12.1

Tabea Osthoff
5 Min
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Look Forward to these Novelties

With 2,000 active B2B users, we’re carrying the heavy responsibility on our shoulders to continuously improve our services and software. And with growing ambition, our team grows, too. By now, our team counts 85 eggheads working relentlessly on implementing our customer’s wishes. This is our motivation, our goal, and our drive. This is why we’re all the more happy to present to you the newest highlights of eggheads Suite 12.1:

  • Extensive modifications to our REST services for master data and media
  • Jobs management for Web Client
  • Expansion of the user-defined workflow configuration in Web Client by conditions and automatic exports

The release of version 12.1 is the next LTS version of eggheads Suite Manager. This means that extensive support for this version will be provided for at least 13 months from hereon. We recommend to all our customers to consider switching to this most recent LTS version in order to profit from all improvements.

We’ve shifted the focus of our new LTS version to stabilization and bugfixes. Additionally, you’ll find some new functions in eggheads Suite Manager: on the one hand, REST services which facilitate the management of your master data and, on the other hand, the expansion of Web Client by ground-laying features for jobs and workflows. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at these new functions.


More Robust, Faster, Better: Re-Working Our REST Services

Continuing the trend of the corresponding major release, the modifications to our REST services make for the first highlight of eggheads Suite Manager 12.1. What’s new here is an entire range of services for master data and media functions which allow you to access and perform almost all actions within the system in a “remote” manner. As it was already the case for version 12.0, we’ve invested great care into a new service design which guarantees for robustness, performance, and functional correctness. This way, services do not only return relevant information in the case of a successful request but also tell you exactly what went wrong in the case of an error with context-sensitive error reports and corresponding HTTP status codes. All services are documented with extensive examples on the basis of the Swagger technology, embedded directly in the online help of eggheads Suite.


The Highlight in Web Client: Manage To-Dos Online Quick and Easy

You love our Web Client? We, too! Which is why we continue to improve it with functionalities for managing jobs. You may recognize some already well-known functions from the desktop app. We’ve carried over the functional scope into the web and also added the following new functions for Web Client on top of things:

  • New Dashboard widgets to view all jobs relevant to the individual user at a glance
Dashboard und Aufträge |

Web Client Dashboard (eggheads Suite Version 12.1)

  • An overview page where users can view and interact with accepted, open, and created jobs
Liste mit Aufträgen |

Jobs Overview in Web Client (eggheads Suite Version 12.1)

  • Create jobs with titles, due dates, and assignable users
  • Prioritize jobs with a simple interaction
Einstellungen für Auftrag |

Creating New Jobs in Web Client (eggheads Suite Version 12.1)

  • Send reminders for jobs either initially or if an important matter is drawing near
  • Link jobs to structure nodes

Exclusive features for jobs in Web Client:

  • You can add comments to jobs, all organized in notebook style
  • You can directly navigate between a job and all its relevant structure nodes

With the help of these function, you can now also efficiently manage to-dos in Web Client.


Improving Workflows: Expansion of the Workflow Editor of Web Client

  • When can a relevant structure node change into the next workflow state and when not? Up until now, you could only configure your workflows with the use of XML-based system configurations. With 12.1, you can edit workflows directly within the graphical user interface.
Workflow mit Konditionen |

Workflow Conditions in Web Client (eggheads Suite Version 12.1)

  • Up until now, you could only set triggers for automatic exports in relation to workflow state changes within a system configuration. Such state-dependent exports can now also be set up with the help of the workflow editor in Web Client with version 12.1. In the process, you simply select the relevant export job and structure node types.

It’s functions like these which make the workflows in your system run more smoothly.

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Show, Don’t Tell: Online Session for New Release

Still got questions about the novelties of eggheads Suite 12.1? Our experts give you the answer – live and in color, during the online session of our newest release. On 17.03.2022, 13:00 Marcel Henkhaus will present all exciting highlights in a 20-minute online session. This session is exclusive to eggheads customers, you’ll receive all necessary information about the session in the upcoming newsletter.