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The productiva Concept

Our unique productiva does not only convince with practice-centered content and inspiring speakers, but also with interactive information exchange. With our expertise and software, you can free yourself from any data chaos and turn data editors into true product heroes.
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productiva – Get Inspired and Create Experiences

You know how the saying goes, “in the beginning, there is always the Idea.”

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The idea of productiva originated from an event for eggheads clients – our so-called eggheads day.

eggheads day is a paragon of knowledge exchange, revolving around the topics of Product Data and Product Communication. Live on site, customers have the opportunity to enter into dialog with us and other leading product experts in order to get inspired by hottest trends and collaborate to design concrete solutions together – boosting their competitive strength even further.

The continuously positive feedback by our customers throughout the years have motivated the thought to combine eggheads day with a platform open for everyone and anyone: bringing together people from various industries, unifying all knowledge, and creating a space for inspiration, collaboration, exchange and networking.

On these grounds, the idea of productiva started to blossom. Putting knowledge directly into practice and getting inspired, that’s our battle-tested business ethics.

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Product, Experience, Action, Innovation, Interaction – you name it.

Our productiva is much more than a just another event: Here, you can strengthen your Product Communication know-how and seize the opportunity to network.

productiva wants a lot, has a lot to back it up with, and has a lot in store for you.

This colorful diversity is the name giver of “productiva.” It is the embodiment of what makes us eggheads what we are: It’s where product data, experiences, concrete actions, and innovations meet.

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Experts, Knowledge, Strategies, and the Tools to Boot

The slogan of productiva – Get Inspired and Create Experiences – already gave it away: You’ll not only be able to draw inspiration, but learn first hand what possibilities, strategies, and tools there are out there for creating sustainable Product Experience. We bring together what belongs together.

This is the thematic focus of productiva which we want to analyze in the form of expert talks, interviews, lectures, keynotes, and much more.


Be it Product Manager, Content Manager, Marketer, or CEO: Everybody will Find the Info and Inspiration She’s Looking For

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Agile Product Development

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Current Trends

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Automated Print Production

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Control of Data Quality

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Artificial Intelligence

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Centralized and Structured Data Management

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Multi-Channel Product Experience

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Ordering Data Chaos

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About eggheads

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Our Credo is “Growing Together”

We want to bring together true product heroes and inspire with our content – be it via our blogs, online formats, or events. Since we’re all part of one great Product Community. Reciprocal recognition and mutual support.

This business ethics is the foundation which grounds the concept of productiva, held in the form of Online Events this year with the aim to always be ready to reinvent oneself and growing beyond given boundaries.

With more than 2,000 eggheads users who put their trust into us, eggheads is a fast-growing B2B SaaS and On-Premise developer in Europe. Yet, this isn’t enough for us. To us, there can never be enough product heroes!

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