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What Even is PIM, MDM, and PXM


What can you expect?

Does the preparation of your product information for all relevant touch points consume too much time? Would you rather allocate time and resources in a much more efficient manner? Are you already looking for solutions but don’t know what system for ERP, MDM, PLM, DAM, or PIM is the right one for solving your challenges and tasks? Or: Are you wondering which system provides you with the scalability which can support your company’s growth?

Then, you shouldn’t miss out on this free Online Session. Here, you are provided with answers to your questions and learn…

  • What the concepts PIM, PXM, MDM, and DAM mean.
  • How to manage product data in a sustainable manner.
  • And you are provided with real-case examples of how Product Experience Management allows you to stay streets ahead of your competition.

Eric Dreyer

Product Management Director

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As Director of Product Management, Eric Dreyer is responsible for eggheads’ software and quality management. His passion: Designing the concept of eggheads Suite applications, realizing them together with the software development team, and optimizing them hand-in-hand with customers. With 6 years’ worth of experience in Product Information Management in the fast-moving tech sector, Eric is a paragon for implementing agile and consistent growth strategies.



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