Marketing Tool Days

22.06.2021 - 23.06.2021

This is How You Prepare Your Products for International Expansion

The name speaks for itself. Everything at Marketing Tool Days from 22.06 to 23.06 revolves around useful software for marketing and practical tips which support you and your company.

As part of the event, eggheads product data expert Stephan Ludden will demonstrate to you how to lay down the cornerstone for the international expansion of your products. Using practice-centered examples, he uncovers the greatest challenges which come with such a project while pointing you towards valuable tips and tools which allow you to master this task successfully. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to cross the Rubicon and prepare your product data for international expansion. Why should you limit yourself to a single market when the world is ready and waiting for your product?

The session “Borders were yesterday, today the world belongs to your products: Boost your e-commerce campaigns with fast & smart product data optimisation for your international expansion” with Stephan Ludden will take place on 23.06. at 11:00 am.

Note: This presentation will be held in German.

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Marketing Tool Days


Stephan Ludden

Project Manager & Leader eggheads academy

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To facilitate the customer’s workday and open a new world to their products – no less than this is Stephan’s task as a product expert at eggheads. He has the full picture when it comes to software implementation matters and has a good grasp on what eggheads customers need to know in order to prepare their product data for the requirements of the digital world.