Digital Marketing Summit 2021

15.11.2021 - 18.11.2021

Overcome Coming Challenges in E-Commerce in a Structured Manner

Look forward to a spectacular event with lots of valuable input and the hottest news from the Digital Marketing industry. And if it’s about Digital Marketing, we eggheads aren’t far either.

On 18.11. at 14:00 o’clock, Eric Dreyer, Head of Product Management and Quality at eggheads, will be giving an exciting presentation on the topic, “Time for Change: We Must Re-Think the Foundations of E-Commerce.”

How does the saying go again? Changes are overwhelming in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and beautiful at the end! In order to stay competitive at the end of the day, changes are one thing before anything else: necessary. Nowadays, it’s much too inefficient to simply put all of your products to display in your online shop. Much rather, companies are to create Product Experiences which speak to your target groups. The key to success: A new dimension of your product data. Our product data experts demonstrate to you what changes to look out for in E-Commerce, providing you with concrete methods, tools, and ideas for tackling coming challenges head on in a well-structure manner.

Sounds exciting? It sure is! So, don’t miss out and sign up now.

Note: This event is catered towards a German-speaking audience.

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Eric Dreyer

Head of Product Management and Quality

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As the Head of Product Management and Quality, Eric Dreyer has a burning passion for developing concepts of digital solutions which allow you to present products of any industry in the perfect light. Throughout, he maintains a firm grip on the big picture: The intersection node of customer requirements, innovative strategies, as well as the current competition and market situation.