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Benefits of eggheads Suite

Explore the benefits of the eggheads PIM system presented in a brief and clear list: upgrade your Product Communication to the next level. While reading about it is nice and all, experiencing it live is even better. Simply book a personal demo appointment with us and get to know eggheads Suite yourself.

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Data Chaos No More

With our PIM, you’ll find your product content with the first try, no more tedious searches through numerous documents scattered over several company departments. Finally, you can shift your focus to the editing of your product data – together with the whole team, in and through a central system. Sounds like an efficient and relaxed workday, doesn’t it?

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Super Teamwork

Collaborate and improve your product content together in the most effective manner by assigning roles and tasks. Maintaining and optimizing product data in teams without stepping on each other’s foot – our PIM is made for teamwork.


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A Software that Meets Your Needs

How do you like it? Thanks to our generic data model, you can configure our software to match your requirements – while also keeping all benefits of a standard software.

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Work Single-Source, Publish Omni-Channel

We get your product content to where it belongs – to your customers. With eggheads PIM, you manage and optimize all content in one and the same system, to then distribute it into all channels at the click of a button.

eggheads Suite Features

These Functions Elevate Your Product Communication to the Next Level

  • Manage product data centrally
  • Bulk-edit large quantities of data at the same time
  • Generic data model for products, variants, and articles
  • Map product relations for up-selling, cross-selling, or bundles
  • Digital Asset Management for your multimedia file formats
  • Advanced search and filter functions based on simple AND/OR logic
  • Import and export configurator
  • Classifications pursuant to international industry standards of your field
  • Control translation processes
  • Tasks-and-roles management for collaborative work
  • Dynamic texts for individualized channel publications
  • Integrated PXM and MDM functions
  • Print-and-publishing module with Adobe InDesign plugin
The PIM Software for Companies of Any Size

eggheads PIM: One Reliable Source for All Product Information

Optimizing Processes at the Click of a Button for an Excellent Customer Experience? Sure Thing! We show you how.

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  • adjusted to your individual priorities
  • tailor-made for you and your team
  • free and without commitments on your end

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