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You want to be prepared for tomorrow’s product data world, provide presentable Product Experience, and share knowledge with others? Welcome to productiva Digital by eggheads – your go-to platform for information exchange, knowledge transfer, and expert talks.

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Your program for productiva Digital on 24. February 2022

10:00 – 10:30

How You can Save Time and Money when Deciding for a PIM/MDM Software

You’ve decided to implement a PIM system in your company? Congratulations, this is a great leap towards the right direction: Product Communication. Now, however, you have the agony of choice on your hand, since there’s a lot of factors to be taken into consideration: What are the most important aspects when choosing a system? What functions does the software need? What’s the distribution of know-how in the company like?

In our online session, Kai Warmus, Professional Service Director for eggheads, will provide answers to all these questions. Profit from his practice-oriented tips, learn what you’ll have to be mindful of when settling for a specific PIM system, and how you can save a whole lot of money while you’re at it. With the right partner on your side – who is also personally interested in a successful project, with whom you can analyze your corporate processes together, with whom you can discuss upcoming project steps and implementation options, and who supports you in defining the right objectives – the process of deciding for the right software will be a cakewalk.

10:30 – 10:45


Time for tea and coffee.

10:45 – 11:15

Overcome Objections – These Arguments will Convince Your CEO and CTO of PIM

You’ve made your decision to implement a PIM software, you know it’s the right step, and you have a vision of how Product Communication will shape the future of your company. However, what do your stakeholders say? Even if everybody only wants the best for the company, you may sometimes face resistance and obstacles. Too time-consuming, expensive, and extravagant – this is the common prejudice against new software, be it for PIM or other tools. Now, the name of the game is to convince your stakeholders and win them over to your side. How you can accomplish nothing short of this is what you’ll learn in this online session by eggheads’ Chief Marketing Officer, Anja Missenberger, accompanied by the Head of Sales, Stefan Schulte.

These two product experts know exactly, how you can take the wind out of the sails of even the greatest skeptic out there. In this online session, you’ll learn what questions you should be well prepared for and get valuable tips on how to cement your argumentative foundation for the implementation of a PIM system.

11:15 – 11:30

Break and Play Time!

Time for tea and coffee.

11:30 – 12:00

Headless PIM: Does Automated Product Communication Even Work?

“Headless” is an e-commerce trend which is about making your “online shop window” – your frontend – independent of your logic-heavy backend. As an example, you can uncouple various applications and components from the overall system architecture, allowing for targeted modifications to specific functions and features of your shop. This greatly enhances the possibility space of what you can do with your processes and how you can optimize them. And now, we’re asking the real question: Can automation also be applied to Product Communication? Is it possible to let algorithms handle data import, data enrichment, and data export all on their own? Can a fully automated Product Communication even function? Is a Headless PIM genius or just without brain?

In our online session, Eric Dreyer, product expert from eggheads, will get to the bottom of it. Learn all you need to know about the Headless trend and let yourself be inspired by exciting real-life examples.

12:00 – 12:15


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1 Moderator, 3 Sessions & 4 Experts

Tiffany Wiener

Event & Content Managerin

Tiffany has one mission: Turning events into unforgettable moments – be it physical or digital. With passion, she organizes events and spaces which cultivate innovative ideas, makes knowledge exchange come alive, and designs tailor-made content for our customers and brands.

Kai Warmus

Director Professional Service, eggheads

For Kai Warmus, the world revolves around customer projects and the digitalization of corporate product information. Together with his team, he supports companies in their projects when it comes to securing the pole position for their products on the international markets in a sustainable manner. This exceptional service is a unique selling point for customers.

Anja Missenberger

Chief Marketing Officer, eggheads

As Head of Marketing, Anja Missenberger loves and lives strategy development and brand leadership. Together with her team, she focuses on strategic and operative measures which further brand communication, put eggheads’ software into the right light with spot-on product placement, and enhance the visibility of the brand across all channels.

Stefan Schulte

Chief Sales Officer, eggheads

Stefan Schulte is responsible for our customers as Chief Sales Officer. Prior to eggheads, he took over the executive management of tech companies and conducted business in the software industries. He has been honing his passion to provide solution-oriented and interdisciplinary business counseling for more than 15 years. Stefan Schulte has a diploma in geography and a M.B.A. from the prestigious Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Eric Dreyer

Head of Product Management and Quality, eggheads

As the Head of Product Management and Quality, Eric Dreyer has a burning passion for developing concepts of digital solutions which allow you to present products of any industry in the perfect light. Throughout, he maintains a firm grip on the big picture: The intersection node of customer requirements, innovative strategies, as well as the current competition and market situation.

Tiffany Wiener from eggheads in portrait |

Tiffany Wiener

Event & Content Manager

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