iBusiness Online Conference: Tools 2022

25.01.2022 - 26.01.2022

The Event for Your Digital Business

You can already mark both 25.01.2022 and 26.01.2022 in your calendar with a thick red marker. On these two days, the virtual conference for software, services, and digital business takes place – Tools 2022 hosted by iBusiness.

Some of our eggheads experts, too, will be giving a presentation of their own on the online conference stage:

Product Experience Management – With Highspeed to Perfect Product Experience

Learn from product expert Eric Dreyer how targeted solutions can support you in leaving a lasting impression with your product data by designing convincing product experience – for your turbo boost and pole position on the markets.

After all, there’s one thing that’s for sure: Nowadays, simply offering a nice product is simply not going to cut it. To convince demanding online customers, you’re required to provide them with unique product experiences and present your product as authentically as possible. Find out how you can do just that with your own product data in our session on 25.01, 10:40.

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Note: The eggheads presentation targets a German-speaking audience (German presentation title: “Product Experience Management – Mit Highspeed zum perfekten Produkterlebnis”).

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Eric Dreyer

Head of Product Management and Quality, eggheads

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As the Head of Product Management and Quality, Eric Dreyer has a burning passion for developing concepts of digital solutions which allow you to present products of any industry in the perfect light. Throughout, he maintains a firm grip on the big picture: The intersection node of customer requirements, innovative strategies, as well as the current competition and market situation.