The Future of Product Information Management: AI Innovations for Higher Efficiency and Sales


ECC WEB TALK on 10.10.2023

More and more AI solutions are entering the market: But what is behind the current AI trends like ChatGPT and co? Did you hear of Large Language Models already? What significance does this have for your business? And how can you mobilize its benefits for your product data processes? In this ECC WEB TALK Session, Eric Dreyer, Head of Product Management & Quality at eggheads, and his colleague Dr. Kai Frerich, Software Developer & AI Expert, will give you an overview of this topic and deliver the answers to these questions.

  • A quick glance at the theory: How do Large Language Models function?
  • From classifications to image optimization: What can AI contribute to a PIM system environment?
  • Insights into the eggheads innovation development: Implementing AI use cases in PIM.

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Note: Please note that this event aims at a German-speaking audience.

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Eric Dreyer

Head of Product Management and Quality, eggheads

As the Head of Product Management and Quality, Eric Dreyer has a burning passion for developing concepts of digital solutions which allow you to present products of any industry in the perfect light. Throughout, he maintains a firm grip on the big picture: The intersection node of customer requirements, innovative strategies, as well as the current competition and market situation.

Dr. Kai Frerich

Software Developer & AI Expert, eggheads

Dr. Kai Frerich is an expert for AI topics. As a seasoned developer of eggheads, he has a perfect nose for innovations and understands how they can be implemented smoothly and transformed into new features of our software which are quick to become the user’s favorite. He knows how AI can elevate PIM to a new level and is happy to share his know-how with others.