18.05.2021 - 19.05.2021

eggheads as a Speaker at the B2B Days

Staying afloat in the ever-growing global competition poses a great challenge to many companies. Product and service information must be relevant, contradiction-free, and appropriated to the customers’ use cases – this is what makes or breaks the Customer Journey. Yet, how can you spark a thrill of excitement with your products?

Most companies worth their salt conceive of Product Experience as the necessary foundation for the perfect purchasing experience as part of the Customer Journey. The earlier you direct some attention to your products, the sooner your products will attract the attention of your target groups in turn.

Participate in our session at B2B Days, your go-to conference with the best speakers from the industry, providing you with concrete best practices for the implementation of your Online Sales. In a 20-minute live lecture on 18.05.2021, starting at 13:45, you’ll learn from our PIM expert Stefan Schulte under the title “With Product Experience to the perfect buying experience: Win customers, increase sales”: how you can build a proper relationship with your product, what constitutes the best-possible Product Experience to boost the digital purchasing experience, and how to successfully win new customers with Customer Experience.

Disclaimer: This particular event is exclusively geared towards a German speaking audience (German presentation title “Datenlust statt Datenfrust – Ihr Produkt wird Sie lieben”).

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Stefan Schulte

Chief Sales Officer, eggheads

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Stefan Schulte is responsible for our customers as Chief Sales Officer. Prior to eggheads, he took over the executive management of tech companies and conducted business in the software industries. He has been honing his passion to provide solution-oriented and interdisciplinary business counseling for more than 15 years. Stefan Schulte has a diploma in geography and a M.B.A. from the prestigious Berlin School of Economics and Law.