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eggheads PIM: One Source for All Product Information

Why do retailers, manufacturers, and the industries require PIM solutions? The answer is simple: Since a configurable PIM solution helps you in organizing product data, simplifying your workflows, and improving your entire Product Communication at the click of a few buttons. Try it out yourself.

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Benefits of PIM

Manage all your business objects in the user-generated data model.

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How does everything relate to everything? PIM stands for Product Information Management, constituting the basis for all marketing and sales activities revolving around your product data. Here, all product data is stored and organized centrally: Be it text descriptions, images, videos, or attributes of products such as price, size, and color. This data can then be combined and presented so as to create a unique Product Experience.

Our standard software, eggheads Suite, distinguishes itself from other systems through its scope of functions: Our solution for PIM and PXM are self-describing – just like your product information with our system.

Too complex? Not even close. Simply make use of our global roles-and-rights concept, our administrative user management, and the graphical user interface which can be customized by users via drag-and-drop. This way, everybody only sees the data and has access to the functions the respective user really needs.

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Freely-Definable Attributes for All Business Objects

Use our various editors to create, bulk edit, and manage multiple attributes of your user-generated business objects at the same time: Attributes of product components, target groups, and customers; or of where-used lists, sales numbers, and SEO figures, …

  • Texts, numbers, and equations: From text with XML markup to text segments with assignable priorities to fit your target platforms’ space requirements.
  • Be it checkboxes, selection lists, or text and pivot tables.
  • Multimedia: Image, audio, and film – and their attributes.
  • Relations, cross-references, links, and other metadata.
  • Application-specific formats: Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.
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Managing Translation and Terminology

The primary cost sink of your content is translations. With eggheads Suite’s translation functions, some of our international customers manage and update content in more than 30 languages automatically in all reference points and channels.

  • Translation management: Define your workflow, from translation tasks to editing process.
  • Connect to your TMS (Translation Memory System): Mark text in our editor and receive translation and term suggestions in real time.
  • One step beyond TMS: Translate text segments directly in the context of the entire product.
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Drawing Product Content from the Source

Think of it like your go-to search engine on the internet: You search for and filter objects from your central data model relevant to your use case – then, you select and execute relevant actions for all selected search results.

  • Full-text and criterion-based search for all attributes of products, media, or publications.
  • Save, share, and edit searches together in a collaborative manner.
  • Bulk actions: Edit, copy, delete, translate, and export product data.
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Data Quality Management via Bulk Actions and Automation

Define quality criteria for each process step – from data collection to data distribution – and connect your data validation with your workflow.

  • Specify media-neutral data using quality rules for defined use cases, contexts, and target platforms.
  • Visualize the data quality of your individual business objects.
  • Apply context-sensitive modifications to product data automatically by prioritizing individual text segments.
  • Plan and automatically execute 70+ actions for any use case by tweaking relevant parameters.
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Data Classifications and Standard Export Formats Out-of-the-Box

Get rid of incomplete data classes, false product attributes, and fuzzy categories – even better, use fully-integrated automatisms to adjust media-neutral data to the standards of your industry.

  • Default export functions for formats such as BMECat.
  • Standards for your industry sector: BIM, Etim, eCl@ss, and UNSPC.
  • Directives for data management such as engineering pursuant to 2006/42/EG.
  • Guidelines for language and translation processes based upon ISO 639.
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Datapool for On-Boarding of Data Suppliers

Besides import and export functionalities, you can also get your content directly from your various sources. Turn external data suppliers into your initial content creators.

  • User-generated input masks: Automated input validation and formatting rules.
  • Quality gates: Filter incomplete or false data and store it in a waiting room before approving it.
  • Web-based media upload with copyright agreement, duplicate recognition, and a text editor for media information.
Customers’ Voices

Hidden champions, global players, and SME market leaders – customers trust eggheads’ expertise and software.

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After a careful and extensive business analysis, planning, and testing phase, the decision was clear: eggheads provides us with the best price-performance ratio. That and the on-hold music by a particular German artist …

Christian Reinwald,
CMO of reichelt elektronik

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… With the implementation of eggheads Suite, we have realized what we have envisioned: The optimal overview for all product data, allowing us to export data quickly and efficiently while eliminating redundant data management. …

Thomas Hutmacher,
Head of IT for STEINEL Normalien

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Besides the fully-functionable standard software, eggheads Suite, what convinced us in particular is the professional communication with the eggheads employees concerning all our questions and the proof-of-concept for our solution. …

Guido Hensel,

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… Prime motivator for using eggheads Suite, however, is the fact that all requirements of our request for submissions were fully satisfied by eggheads Suite’s functions given a direct comparison.

Christoph Meier,
Head of Product and Market Management for SAKRET

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