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Create Unique Product Experiences

Design channel-overarching product experiences and convert target groups into loyal customers. With eggheads Suite, you can accomplish this at the click of a button. Caught your interest? See for yourself – for free and without any commitments on your end.

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Authentic Product Experience?

From “Reading Product Texts” to “Living Product Texts”

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Enhance Your Product’s Customer Experience

Welcome to the world of Product Experience Management. With the ever growing number of channels and touch points, creating the ideal customer experience throughout the entire customer journey has become a must-have. For a convincing and contradiction-free product experience, you require consistent and context-sensitive product information.

Briefly hold in for a second and think of your most favorite articles and services with which you wouldn’t survive even a single day. Now, image you could reproduce this lively product experience for your own company’s articles in the form of text and multimedia, catered to your target groups – making it relatable is not enough, it’s about making it experienceable!

You can use our system solution for Product Experience Management (PXM) to design experienceable product content for all target groups across all target platforms – just how the process of designing this experienceable product content in and through our software is itself a user experience in its own right.

Create Experiences

For Your Universal Data Flow


Boost your team’s productivity, using centralized data.


Improve the quality of your data, for an ideal customer experience.


Cut return-of-product rates, through consistent product descriptions.

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Collaborate with Your Team in Real Time

Manage and organize your product data centrally. Countless Excel tables and scattered data stored in isolated applications are a thing of the past! Edit your products using the desktop or web version of eggheads Suite in a quick and smooth manner, all the while avoiding potential pitfalls which typically come from working on the same data records at the same time in teams.

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Elevate Your Product Communication to the Next Level

You want to generate more leads and create the ideal customer experience? By putting innovative media to use, you can make products perceptible by the five senses. The system for Product Information Management (PIM) by eggheads provides you with the possibility to define collaborative workflows in teams, regardless of who you are and from where you work. Use your hereby configured products as the central pillar upon which you build a close and emotional customer relationship.


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Have Full Control over Your Product Data

Be it as a retailer or manufacturer – explore new markets and generate further purchasing incentives. Navigating our eggheads Suite’s user interface, you can create correct and complete product data. With central product and data supplier management, you export relevant data consistently to all channels. Be it B2B, B2C, B4B, or B2B2B – further expanding your competitive edge is on every company’s agenda.


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Accelerate Your Commercial Launch

The right information, at the right time and channel – with eggheads Suite, your product information is consistent and your time-to-market is shortened a minimum.


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Customers’ Voices

Hidden champions, global players, and SME market leaders – customers trust eggheads’ expertise and software.

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After a careful and extensive business analysis, planning, and testing phase, the decision was clear: eggheads provides us with the best price-performance ratio. That and the on-hold music by a particular German artist …

Christian Reinwald,
CMO of reichelt elektronik

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… With the implementation of eggheads Suite, we have realized what we have envisioned: The optimal overview for all product data, allowing us to export data quickly and efficiently while eliminating redundant data management. …

Thomas Hutmacher,
Head of IT for STEINEL Normalien

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Besides the fully-functionable standard software, eggheads Suite, what convinced us in particular is the professional communication with the eggheads employees concerning all our questions and the proof-of-concept for our solution. …

Guido Hensel,

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… Prime motivator for using eggheads Suite, however, is the fact that all requirements of our request for submissions were fully satisfied by eggheads Suite’s functions given a direct comparison.

Christoph Meier,
Head of Product and Market Management for SAKRET

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Right to the Point

Flexible Content Design

Flexible Content Design

Like all your processes, the continuous contextualization of technical and emotional data — including all requirements involved — are fully integrated in our PIM system: From data management to data distribution.

• 360°-degree view over all product data and media, as well as their referenced use cases.
• Lively product content and mechanisms mutually complement each other in organizing data.
• Optionally, you may connect our PIM system to Google Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Target-Group-Relevant Data

Target-Group-Relevant Data

Product communication as if it comes live from the expert adviser.
From print brochures to online price portals. Be it B2B or B2C. For beginners and pros alike. Provide all your target media in all relevant target languages for both your internal and external target groups with relevant product content – made to match their respective use cases.

• Manage use case contexts globally.
• Connect channels to relevant contexts: Design context-sensitive product attributes with assignable priorities based on given space requirements.
• Context-specific and half-automated data quality management.
• Localize your individualized content efficiently using the build-in translation module.

Universal Findability

Universal Findability

Expending your market presence on all lucrative target channels.
Searched for – and found! Build upon the aforementioned effectiveness and efficiency in managing contextualized data via eggheads Suite and explore as of yet untapped publication channels to the fullest extent.

• Meaningful key word tagging for product assortments.
• Data filters on the basis of user-generated categories.
• Product content optimized for search engines in all language variants.

Competitive Uniqueness

Competitive Uniqueness

Internationally-competitive content which fully showcases your USPs.
In the same manner we’re trying to show what makes eggheads eggheads stylistically even on the sentence-level – the same way you can express your own Corporate Identity in flyers and apps.

• Faster: Cut your time-to-market in the areas of content creation and translation.
• Better: Put the content localized and personalized with our system into strategic use.

Sustainable Customer Relations

Sustainable Customer Relations

Hook interested parties and turn them into long-term fans.
When your customer finds what she is searching for given her individual use case thanks to SEO-based and personalized texts – then, this is what contributes its fair share to your customers defaulting back to your product, leaving positive comments, as well as recommending it to and sharing it with family and friends. Return-of-product rates cut down to the minimum!

• Fully exhaust your brand using a consistent style designed via PXM.
• Enhance the return-on-investment by connecting our PXM system with Business Intelligence.
• Further enrich centrally-managed data in a customer-specific manner utilizing Google Analytics.

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