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Keep your overview and unify isolated data storages with PIM and MDM.

Anybody wants to know everything she needs to know about the benefits of the product she wants to purchase. Regardless whether the information is accessed online or based on a personal conversation with the sales manager: Having all data of all relevant products ready-to-hand should be a top priority of any company – and, perhaps, your company, too.

    360° View over All Information Process Chains

    Mastering Data Variety with MDM – from Text to Multimedia

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    All Data Ready-To-Hand?

    Companies are to satisfy requirements from the most different of fields – and, at the same time, they want to be innovators who participate in shaping the future. Yet, reality looks different more often than not: With less and less employees, companies from the public sector are to provide first-class service; other companies have to comply to industry standards and legal directives. In the process, every business field and every company department generates data. In order to shape the future — instead of always being left one step behind —, such dispersed data is to be processed, synchronized, and put into proper use. However, what software is the right one?

    Compare department-overarching procedures — be it product development, sales, or marketing — and centralize the unordered data mines in our system solution. While you’re at it, organize the life cycle of your data in multiple languages to fit your product, multimedia, and customers: Collecting, managing, contextualizing, and distributing. Be it via desktop, browser-based web client, or mobile: With our standard software being expanded functionally patch-by-patch, the more than 80 members of the eggheads community digitize and optimize their product data in their very own user-generated data models. Be it global traveling and tours organizers, or Harley Davidson expert retailers.

    Individual Yet Standardized

    Configure Everything from a Single Spot


    Using publications individualized for target platforms to turn your audience into fans – with the help of emotional product data. At the click of a button, you can generate, view, save, and share live previews of entire publications: “What you see is what you get!”

    100 %

    Adaptivity. Control all publication processes — from planning to distribution — parallel to your continuous data collection and data management.

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    Effective Management of Your Master Data

    Decide for yourself which functions of our all-in-one system solution you want to use in order to compare transparent data records in a kind of 360° view for your strategic business decisions. eggheads Suite simplifies the data exchange between source systems and connects isolated data mines. In this manner, you are provided with a centralized view over customers, employees, products, or suppliers – you name it, all fields which are meaningful to a company.

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    Industry-Specific and Department-Independent Data Model

    Optimize your product information in a user-generated data structure for master data, multimedia, and publications – and navigate it using the graphical user interface, your internet browser, and the system-wide search function.

    • Manage objects and their relations: Products, texts, media, customers, suppliers, employees, tasks – or simply define your own object types.
    • Connect your corporate departments: Product development, marketing, sales, management, or logistics.


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    Configure Workflows

    Be it for data management, content editing, or translations: Throughout your processes, you assign and change the workflow state of user-generated objects – hereby controlling the life cycle of your data in the 360° view. Additionally, you may trigger to-be-executed actions automatically after specific state changes.

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    Central Security and User Management for All Applications

    When it comes to MDM, data security is a heavily underestimated risk factor: With the connection to the open-source ‘single sign on’ industry standard by tech partner RedHat, not only our eggheads Suite but, optionally, all of your applications are protected all around.

    When we eggheads say ‘central,’ we mean ‘central’ – be it automated imports and exports, or interfaces connecting to your own or third-party systems.


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    Customers’ Voices

    Hidden champions, global players, and SME market leaders – customers trust eggheads’ expertise and software.

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    After a careful and extensive business analysis, planning, and testing phase, the decision was clear: eggheads provides us with the best price-performance ratio. That and the on-hold music by a particular German artist …

    Christian Reinwald,
    CMO of reichelt elektronik

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    … With the implementation of eggheads Suite, we have realized what we have envisioned: The optimal overview for all product data, allowing us to export data quickly and efficiently while eliminating redundant data management. …

    Thomas Hutmacher,
    Head of IT for STEINEL Normalien

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    Besides the fully-functionable standard software, eggheads Suite, what convinced us in particular is the professional communication with the eggheads employees concerning all our questions and the proof-of-concept for our solution. …

    Guido Hensel,
    CEO of DELTA-V

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    … Prime motivator for using eggheads Suite, however, is the fact that all requirements of our request for submissions were fully satisfied by eggheads Suite’s functions given a direct comparison.

    Christoph Meier,
    Head of Product and Market Management for SAKRET

    To Our References
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    Right to the Point

    Data Variety on All Fronts

    Data Variety on All Fronts

    From technical to emotional data: Assortments, product components, service, target groups, customers, suppliers, where-used lists, sales numbers, and SEO figures.

    Manage Data Centrally

    Manage Data Centrally

    Minimize your time-to-market while, at the same time, saving resources thanks to correct and complete data and multimedia.

    Department-Independent Data Model

    Department-Independent Data Model

    The backbone of your whole company: Organize product assortments using freely-definable objects, relations, and attributes.

    Administer Data Security

    Administer Data Security

    Well-secured data – thanks to the central user administration and authentication for all connected applications.

    Scalable System Architecture

    Scalable System Architecture

    Determine yourself how much MDM, PXM, and DTP you want to control with eggheads Suite – and what you want to do either automatically or in connected third-party systems.

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