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Simple Catalog Generation with eggheads Suite

Generating catalogs, flyers, and print media at the click of a button?

Who doesn’t dream of it? Be it information-heavy central catalogs, special-interest catalogs with many colorful images and well-described articles, or the region-locked catalog of a particular assortment. All catalog types, though, have one thing in common: In general, they occupy a great many resources – be it manpower, time, or costs. eggheads Suite simplifies the process steps in play, ties them all together, and lets you automate them. Convince yourself.

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Product Data in Print

Generate Publication-Ready Content — Using a Comprehensive Process — for All Target Media

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Content in Top Form: Individual, Economical, Professional

From catalog to flyer. In your day-to-day publication process, it’s about providing your product content on all target media in an efficient and timely manner – also factoring in that this product content is to be attuned to target audiences and to be distinguished from the global competition.

Unify content and form with a central PXM system: Without PXM, you’d not only have to go through the tedious process of collecting and filtering technical, emotional, and use-case-specific information from various isolated data mines; no, the resources you’d have to invest would eventually multiply given that your publications come in multiple versions, across multiple target platforms, in multiple languages, for multiple target groups.

While the resources-heavy portions of your workload is covered by eggheads Suite’s automatisms, you can concentrate your creativity on what matters: Good Content!

Individual Yet Standardized

Configure Everything from a Single Spot


Using publications individualized for target platforms to turn your audience into fans – with the help of emotional product data. At the click of a button, you can generate, view, save, and share live previews of entire publications: “What you see is what you get!”

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Adaptivity. Control all publication processes — from planning to distribution — parallel to your continuous data collection and data management.

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Exhaust Your Saving Potential

As your go-to reference work, the full-fledged central catalog only serves its purpose in the B2B field nowadays. In B2C, special-interest catalogs addressing your customers individually and flyers for specific target groups have long since taken its spot. Using user-generated and reusable templates, you can design any process step in our eggheads Suite’s fully-integrated publishing component yourself: be it product templates or page templates, formed by style sheets and filled with text modules.

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Cement Your Corporate Design

Reduce the effort to be invested into creating your communication materials by mapping your products to user-made master layouts. When connected to your channels such as website, web shop, or personalized e-mails, eggheads Suite allows for a consistent use of your data through and through. That way, your Corporate Identity is preserved.

  • Control publication and task planning in dedicated software modules.
  • Partly or fully automate process chains.
  • Use standardized interfaces and data exports to outsource individual DTP steps.


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Turn the frowns of your design team upside down.

With eggheads Suite, you categorize your product data for automatic distribution, be it in the form of InDesign, PowerPoint, or print documents. Your publications come in various versions, – for multiple media outlets, – and, on top of that, per language variant? In our central system, you can convert texts on publication pages automatically into all managed languages.

  • Dynamics prevent line and page overflows caused by language-specific sentence lengths.
  • Neighboring modules for data management and translation are only one mouse click away.
  • All publication channels are supplied with relevant content in relevant languages.
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Publish in a Fast and Target-Group-Oriented Manner

Set new standards and distribute your catalogs, brochures, flyers, and datasheets in-time for marketing and sales in the age of digitization. Generate previews of products based on templates share them – and process them further in teams.

  • WYSIWYG: “What You See Is What You Get.”
  • Exchange style sheets or products used on templates with a few clicks.
  • Save previews directly on the product and link them accordingly in your data model.


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Customers’ Voices

Hidden champions, global players, and SME market leaders – customers trust eggheads’ expertise and software.

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After a careful and extensive business analysis, planning, and testing phase, the decision was clear: eggheads provides us with the best price-performance ratio. That and the on-hold music by a particular German artist …

Christian Reinwald,
CMO of reichelt elektronik

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… With the implementation of eggheads Suite, we have realized what we have envisioned: The optimal overview for all product data, allowing us to export data quickly and efficiently while eliminating redundant data management. …

Thomas Hutmacher,
Head of IT for STEINEL Normalien

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Besides the fully-functionable standard software, eggheads Suite, what convinced us in particular is the professional communication with the eggheads employees concerning all our questions and the proof-of-concept for our solution. …

Guido Hensel,

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… Prime motivator for using eggheads Suite, however, is the fact that all requirements of our request for submissions were fully satisfied by eggheads Suite’s functions given a direct comparison.

Christoph Meier,
Head of Product and Market Management for SAKRET

To Our References
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Right to the Point

Adaptive Publication Process

Adaptive Publication Process

Controlling all publication processes — from planning to distribution — parallel to your continuous data collection and data management.

Reusable Templates

Reusable Templates

Design process steps in a sustainable manner using style sheets, text modules, as well as product templates and page templates.

Representative Previews

Representative Previews

Generate, save, and share live previews at the click of a button: “What you see is what you get!”

Internationalized Data Distribution, Always and Everywhere

Internationalized Data Distribution, Always and Everywhere

Convert any text content used in publications – thanks to the central data management – into all managed languages. Be it for flyers or for your app.

Integrated Interfaces

Integrated Interfaces

Update last-minute-changes to data on all referencing pages automatically – even directly on finished pages already exported to your DTP system.

Personalized Content

Personalized Content

Turn your target groups into fans using individualized publications with emotional product data.

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